Better Call Saul S06E12 - "Waterworks" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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[Spoilers] A Meta Reading of S6E11: Gene Doesn't Realize the Show's Over

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Better Call Saul S06E10 - "Nippy" - Post-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. anyone else notice that creepy single frame of kim in the intro?

  2. Any significance in that in one she’s wearing a hat and in the other she’s not? i.e. different trips/seasons?

  3. haha thats not a hat! i think its just because it does that glitchy effect just like her legs

  4. I wonder if we'll still get the promotional pictures for the final two episodes that we got for the rest of season six.

  5. random black and white pic of gene looking concerned coming soon

  6. We thought this final season would feel rushed with how much ground they had to cover, but they somehow ended the show before it actually did and so the last 3 episodes are a strange meta-limbo.

  7. Reminds me of twin peaks the return finale

  8. The CGI here looks pretty good. What the hell happened in Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel ? Must've been COVID for sure.

  9. Lol moon knight and ms marvel also had good cgi scenes. You’re comparing whole shows to a 1 minute clip

  10. I absolutely loved Moon Knight but he looked like he walked straight outta Fortnite in episode 6 lol

  11. yes, like i said, it had good moments, but people always only remember the bad ones.

  12. probably because its the one where they atleast have a body

  13. The fight scenes in this movie are gonna be fun

  14. I think he would've played him more as on equal ground with Gene so it seemed like a chess match between them until the end. It was a huge mistake for the new actor to play him so dimwitted and taken off his guard from the moment he stepped in the house, it tilted all the energy to Gene's favor and there was no suspense. I think Don Harvey would've played Jeff as having no awareness that it's embarrassing to be living with your elderly mother/ that Gene has any leverage, which would make him seem unstable and thus still a threat.

  15. Well, just try telling this sub the writers are anything but perfect and they'll make it their mission to prove you wrong...

  16. this jeff moment is just another example where they plant these seeds not knowing what will actually happen untill the time has arrived

  17. Only two episodes left 😭 I've already watched it all twice, just for the acting.

  18. Love this movie. Now we just need him to finish Mindhunter.

  19. Black Bird on apple tv+ is kinda scratching my mindhunter itch. Check it out

  20. another GREAT episode. this is really shaping up to be one of my favorite shows

  21. Did you even read my comment? The biggest issue is her face and the CGI looking wonky (and hair) they could have used practical effects for that and CGI the body to fit the bigger proportions

  22. mixing cgi heads with bodies is way more difficult/expensive than just doing it all in cgi

  23. The Sheikh as a hot dog was probably my biggest laugh of this show tbh

  24. what if the inhumans are just a group inside the group "mutants"?

  25. Director Kat Coiro says they spent months on the design before going into production, then refined it during the post-production process:

  26. Love the fact that shes using the same argument independent VFX artists (corridor) used but this subreddit is just like “NOPE! Shes wrong”

  27. Tbh professor hulk also looks close to being a normal human and his cgi looks pretty great. Some of the she hulk cgi looks fine, but most of it is also just really bad. Hopefully it looks better when the show releases

  28. in what world does professor hulk look like a normal human what the hell are u guys smoking omg

  29. Incredible episode. But what’s the in-show explanation for why Gus went to the laundry? It seemed like his call with Kim changed his mind. But it seems to go against everything we know about Gus, namely his extreme caution when it comes to getting discovered (especially by Lalo)

  30. the fact that jimmy was able to change lalos plans by talking to him (kim instead of jimmy) made gus realize lalo didnt really care about who / what happens at gus house, it was all a distraction

  31. I assume 1/2 more episodes in the current timeline then a time jump into the Breaking Bad/Gene timelines for the last 3 episodes

  32. honestly expecting a timejump or montage or anything in the next episode to bb era

  33. 3rd biggest opening weekend of the year is bombing? lol

  34. Think about this...Christian Bale got less screen time because Taika had to write a scene of him playing Korg explaining how Kronan babies are made. Taika needs to take a step back and stop writing so many scenes for himself. It feels narcissistic at this point.

  35. oh come on korg was a fan favorite after ragnarok ofcourse we would get more korg lol

  36. It wasn’t long enough. An extra 20 minutes could have been used to further develop the characters. Like show Gorr killing some of the gods. He’s called the God Butcher and all that happened off-screen.

  37. i also agree and hoped we got more bale, i just disagree with the reasoning you used

  38. My thing is why would you go camping right next to someone? I never understood why people do that. You're closer on vacation to a stranger than you are at home. It looks cool and I'd dig it but they are about 2 miles too close.

  39. This was a desert resort! Theres also a pool nearby u can kinda see it

  40. My steam deck is fine! If it was even more sandy (like actual sahara sand, which this wasnt) id def be more careful aswell

  41. He was in the picture Kamala's Nani showed her, of her as a baby

  42. oooo i guess we'll see him next episode then during the partition

  43. well thats one of the best episodes of all time

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