1. Kind of why this sucks. It's fun when scenes have legitimately skilled heels. Now he's just a fraud.

  2. He's still very talented but he's just also a cheater.

  3. Lol. Love the sanctimony of people who get called out for being uninformed liars.

  4. I didn't lie I was misinformed. I was under the impression the video was from a protest but even if that's not true, it doesn't make it any better.

  5. “Now that I’ve been proven wrong, I’ve decided the original point I brought by up myself is actually totally irrelevant.”

  6. It makes him sound worse imo but whatever helps you sleep. The context of my original post was incorrect sure, but the sentiment is the same: he wanted/wants to shoot people he perceived/perceives to be committing a crime.

  7. My theory is that Usopp has been hiding an impact/reject dial somewhere on his person all this time and has been slowly absorbing a percentage of all the damage he's taken to be used at a crucial moment down the road. Seems kind of silly to introduce such a powerful device then never use it again.

  8. Okay now move the dryer 6 feet to the left.

  9. Is that washing machine and the dryer is on the other side. Nowhere else it can go...

  10. Okay then move it 2 inches to the right!

  11. Why do think that is? I figured it was by design to prevent defensive adjustments.

  12. Considering the defense wasn't getting tripped up by it, didn't make sense to keep doing it.

  13. Sure, but doesn't that seem like a gameplan that coaching refused to adjust?

  14. Yes? I think we're both saying the same thing here.

  15. if you are on pc/ps NL, i ll give you a vipermagi

  16. Judging by the cursor, looks like Xbox or he's using an Xbox controller on a PC for some reason.

  17. I play on PC with Xbox controller cause I have wrist problems, and my trackball mouse doesn't have very good buttons for gaming.

  18. Gotcha. I tried playing D3 on Switch but found it... not great.

  19. there’s one dude at trinity who’s an insane eagles fan and always screams and yells and is generally unpleasant to be around - so you could try and talk to him LMAO

  20. based on the upper left corner, I'm assuming this is a porn vid

  21. Probably just watching Fox News in a strip club.

  22. They want someone to photoshop the picture (presumably someone they know) so that it looks like they are naked, by overlaying the naked body of someone else with a similar build and pose over the original picture, and then adjusting the lighting etc. Until it looks natural.

  23. Yeah I remember this shit from like 2002.

  24. Is Biden speaking today? Because no truth is coming out of her or her comrades’ pie holes!

  25. This is a deleted tweet from last October.

  26. Irregardless, there have been no title waves.

  27. We only allow legitimate, authorized key sellers on GameDeals. As such, to answer your question just use the main sub. Thanks.

  28. Cool I did not know. Do you have a whitelist for key sites?

  29. A certain dead English poet sung wryly.

  30. They make a delicious N/A IPA. It made quitting alcohol pretty easy for me. One of my concerns was being in social situations as the culture in America is to interview someone not drinking about their “why”

  31. Speaking anecdotally, I never personally witnessed anyone being shamed for not drinking. Possibly some light ribbing but that was the extent. Maybe when I was in college but as soon as I left, it seems like that mentality stayed behind.

  32. Oh, I have seen it quite often. There is that crowd that never left their party days behind and you are “no fun” if you don’t partake. It’s not as prevalent in younger crowds as it is for the folks who are 40s+.

  33. I guess I just never associated with those people. I'm closing in on 40 and definitely had my party days in my youth and it's just never been a thing for me. Like I said, this is all anecdotal.

  34. Fiona is my favorite SS track.

  35. These people are actually sick in the head.

  36. New friend showed up soon as i commented and he got it

  37. Isn't this the premise of Robot Jox?

  38. Was taken?

  39. Bounty Hunter gets actual bounties e.g. "your next target is Earth Spirit! Kill him for a 200g bonus!"

  40. "I didn't get caught" very quickly turns into "I won't get caught"

  41. "I would have won anyways without the cheats."

  42. I’m in a region with a 6 year waitlist for NHS dentists.

  43. I would gladly pay more taxes so more people could afford dental care.

  44. People don't understand that if we switched from private insurance to public insurance, everyone's taxes would go up far less than the cost of their insurance and everyone would be covered. Whether or not that public insurance is efficient and well-run is whole other debate.

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