1. Looks good! Really like the eyes

  2. I love it. It was nice seeing Saitama finally interact with his new neighbors, also, we got a Chain'n'toad face reveal !

  3. Marked this as a spoiler just in case, since the chapter's very recent

  4. Hello there! Last time I posted a coloring, two days ago, which was my first serious attempt, you guys loved it and gave me some pretty cool advice.

  5. Looks good. Only thing I'd have done is keep the shine in Fubuki's eyes. You've painted over it. Small mistake, I'm sure.

  6. Oh yep! Thank you for point it out

  7. Probably got confused by the female voice in the anime, iirc

  8. In the dub (please dont kill me for watching that version), the seaweed monster had a child-ish voice, like a kid I think

  9. Looks great, even more impressive when it is your first time! Which app did you use?

  10. For people who hates colorings and are downvoting:

  11. There are people who hate colorings?

  12. No, the studio for season 3 has not been confirmed.

  13. Why don't you explain your point of view without calling the other person stupid?

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