1. Dispensary in Ohio for an ounce is literally like 250-300, street is 160, Michigan up north is anywhere from 50-300

  2. How are they if you've tried them yet? Kinda low THC percentage, but I'm new to the program and have heard that's not necessarily a good metric to go by.

  3. It’s not necessarily but your average street product is about 18-23% so you really don’t wanna look less than about 15% .. for me I have to have something atleast 23 or above for my tolerance otherwise it’s just like smoking a cig

  4. They really raised prices on a lot of their flower too. They want $160 for 11.32g of smalls on Salty Watermelon and Chem OG. At least they haven't raised prices of their luster pods, yet.

  5. Yeah and this is absolutely insane. Anything over 125 should be a guaranteed half ounce. Horse shit

  6. Rso. Get a syringe, get a hot beverage, add a dot. Enjoy.

  7. Ounce of blueberry cheesecake smalls from Woodward and 2 klutch luster pods sundae driver and forget the other I have in rn. Everything’s treating me well so far

  8. Also wondering the same. They are my go to dispensary in the NE. Fuck Rise.

  9. Okay ! So stopped by there… they said wednesday supposed to be 🍑😎

  10. You can order online when they are closed at bam and terrassana bloom botanist and herbology and zen. Pass it on.. I order after midnight for pickup in the evening

  11. Yeah I knew that I didn’t think the Woodward was on yet when I looked not sure but got 5 of the kush cake minis for 296

  12. Thank you for the tip! I have yet to try any Woodward product, but I think that’s going to change soon.

  13. If you do go to Elyria be sure to get atleast 3 of the same , then you’ll get 10% off still makes it pricey but I got 3 of the la kush cake smalls cause they’re a little cheaper and small nugs dont bother me

  14. None I saw. They have been randomly texting out specials. Its pretty stupid. The botanist has some deals depending on what your looking for.

  15. Looking for flower deals anything like that at botanist ?

  16. I got a half of this slightly lower THC percentage but amazing effects. Not a paranoid head high but very active, and positive

  17. I got a half of this is (smalls) never heard of it or seen it in the program and holy fireeeee lol it literally smells like fruit gas

  18. Just stick with buckeye relief strains their strains have the highest terp profiles out of any bud right now by far

  19. How do you get these sneak peek or is it just what the bag says ? Where did you get this

  20. Pretty great so far, gassy earthy taste. Very uplifting head high.

  21. Never have I seen full ounces from BR. Is it in two half packs ?

  22. Someone previously posted about this and yours is actually older than theres. Check that pack date my homie. I’d contact them. They issued a refund to the other person!

  23. Eager to try to half ounces because I was so impressed with these in the 5.66g. Beautiful nugs. Potent effects and you almost feel like they’re lying with the terp levels because they’re that strong. But boy do they smack you with flavor

  24. Just wondering why they can’t get their terps up like the rest of these guys. Willys have 5-6% etc.

  25. How long (average estimate) are the cure times on the willies? The growers I've bought from have all been reducing the cure time and flower has been getting dryer overall whereas before there were some known LLC's to have consistent dry buds and a few who didn't, it's getting where everyone is dry.

  26. Hmmm I haven’t purchased anything from anyone in a while. I want to say atleast a month. It has been the best cured and softest buds ever. Very potent and buckeye relief with the terp levels are having extra flavor.

  27. Does grow Ohio list the terpene profile of their strains anywhere? I like their prices but something tells me that if they aren’t listing terps, it’s likely that their batches don’t have very high amounts. I’ve gotten 3 different strains from them and all were dry, tasteless and scent less

  28. There’s no way they do. Cause nothing I’ve had has punched me at all. Especially compared to BR

  29. They’re close to BR for me on the playbook.

  30. Great review! I still need to try an ario.. lmao..

  31. Not that you asked me but I feel the br carts are way cleaner tasting and don’t get that buildup of the luster pods around the edges

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