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  1. The Frauenkirche in Dresden would like to have a word

  2. The German system lacks some logic. Why is it legal for lesbians, but not for a straight old woman who cannot get pregnant anymore?

  3. It's not as if the law had been written to explicitly allow incest as long as the people involved are of the same sex. The law was written to criminalize incest. The way the law is worded, it only applies to penis-in-vagina penetration, so (unless at least one of the people involved is trans or intersex) it simply doesn't apply if both are of the same sex. I doubt this was even a consideration when the law was written and, at the time, at least sex between two men was criminalized in general (and sex between women wasn't really taken seriously) so it probably didn't matter anyway. If someone got convicted and took it to the Constitutional Court, they could maybe argue that the law is discriminatory but so far, this hasn't happened. Parliament never bothered to update the law either. It's not very common anyway.

  4. Desweiteren gilt in Deutschland ab dem 16. Lebensjahr die Ausweispflicht. D.h. jeder Bundesbürger ist ohnehin verpflichtet ein Gültiges Ausweisdokument bei sich zu tragen, sei es Personalausweis, Reisepass (oder in bestimmten fällen vllt. auch der Führerschein.)

  5. You could just have used the correct data, you know. It's on Wikipedia, so it's not like it's hard to find.

  6. I'd actually prefer either to what we have right now. Temperatures are around zero and it mostly either rains or snows but the snow doesn't stay because it's not cold enough. It's also really humid and almost always overcast. I'd like to see the sun again.

  7. Alcohol concentration needs to be at least 60% to be an effective disinfectant. Not only will you smell of sweat but of vodka as well.

  8. Oh, I get it now! It's the corona-magic-soap thing!

  9. only if you acknolege the superiority of belgian beer

  10. Can we let the Czech in and kick Belgium out?

  11. Oh stop it with the American nonsense already. Who gives a shit about genetics

  12. Technically as many as you like. In practice, usually no more than two as it starts getting confusing and sounding silly.

  13. If Olga says it on Russian TV, it must be true.

  14. If that's the criterion, I'm not sure I want to be

  15. It just shows what Americans are expecting from public transport that they find European trains clean. Do you kick off people for urinating? Uhh yes obviously... What else are you gonna do, join them?

  16. Weil's in Berlin ja in den letzten Jahren unter R2G so gut lief.... Die CDU hat nicht umsonst so einen massiven Zulauf gehabt. Das wird zwar nicht übernacht dafür sorgen das Klankriminalität aufhört und der Görlitzer Park drogenfrei wird, aber vielleicht läuft dann der Wohnungsbau wieder an da Deutsche wohnen etc keine Enteignung zu fürchten brauchen. Enteignungen bauen keinen Wohnraum, Bauarbeiter bauen Wohnraum. Und das macht die Privatindustrie nunmal viel effizienter als der Staat. Und um diese Investition zu tätigen braucht es Planungssicherheit. Was rauskommt wenn der Staat baut kann man ja an verkommenen Löchern wie der Gropiusstadt sehen.

  17. Deutsche Wohnen hat auch vor dem Referendum keine Wohnungen in Berlin gebaut. Die werden auch nicht damit anfangen, ob man ihnen mit Enteignung droht oder nicht.

  18. Add more onions, some paprika and a pickle. This looks a bit sad.

  19. Poland doesn't have any... Explain?

  20. They do, just no large communities (the map only shows communities bigger than 1000).

  21. The weather at the Baltic Sea is always a bit of a gamble. It can be nice to swim in July or August. In the summer, the water is usually a bit warmer than the North Sea, in the winter it's a bit colder.

  22. So, the countries most similar to us are... our neighbors? Well, who would have thought.

  23. Okay than fuck Tea drinkers, brexit bad soon to be poorer than poland🇵🇱💪

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