1. Well, since 40k has been doing crossovers with MTG, monopoly, and a few other video games, I think the possibility is there.

  2. Cause that’s what I really need in a sniper, airborne effectiveness

  3. Airborne effectiveness has become the crutch buff that Bungie uses on everything.

  4. Who the fuck wants healthcare!? We need another stealth bomber!

  5. I think the car will be the biggest reason that that person will be last. So my thoughtprocess is, which car will be the worst, and then, which of those two drivers will be the unlucky one.

  6. Absolutely the car is the biggest impact on race standings. There are many great drivers who are just driving inferior cars. I'd really like to see how the sport looked with everyone driving the same car.

  7. Highschool is a very strange place. We're treated like infants and then they say choose what you want to to do for the rest of your life.

  8. If you're grown up you also make sure that you've taken your piss before your meeting/obligation. I'd say it to be respectful not to be a disturbance during class to avoid having to use the bathroom at all times if you can. For any person without specific circumstances this shouldn't need to be a big deal at all.

  9. Depending on the size of your school it can be quite difficult to get to your locker, grab your books and get to class in 10 minutes, let alone stopping off at the bathroom

  10. Stop buying Apple's garbage products 🤷‍♂️

  11. Dérelictè was supposed to be a joke in Zoolander, and yet, here we are.

  12. Never underestimate stupid people with money

  13. FedEx sucks, someone at the facility stole my package, the tracking had it arrive there and then it never moved; then fedex denied my claim

  14. FedEx is garbage. I'll be sitting at home on the couch, 5 feet from the front door. No door bell, no knock at the door nothing all day. I'll get an email at 5pm from FedEx saying they tried to deliver the package 3 times, so they sent the package to a depot, pick it up yourself.

  15. Life time ban from the sport and jail time. This is the behaviour of a sick individual.

  16. Fun fact: I was born on the same day (not same year) that the US bombed Nagasaki. My sister was born on Pearl Harbor Day (not same year). My mom was born on the day Italy and Germany declared war on the US (not same year). My husband was born on V-E Day (not same year).

  17. Your mother war born in 1941 and you were born in 1945? I think more words are required in your comment.

  18. The op is saying they were born on August 9th, not in 1945

  19. She is ridiculous & trash. But it’s genuinely frightening that she attempted to get into the car. That shit escalates fast.

  20. Lol she tried to turn a minor road rage incident into serious jail time.

  21. It started as a joke, I think, but I'm pretty sure people genuinely flocked in to it and he rolled with it.

  22. Yeah I imagine it's like a paid meet and great that just never ended.

  23. What year is this dude living in? He looks like a lost boy from Pan

  24. 2 Dyckes at once!? To what do I owe this pleasure?

  25. Love that 5 knew exactly what was about to happen and was trying to get his helmet away and was like no no no no!

  26. I'm sensing a pattern. Probably not the first time this guy did this haha

  27. Damn, that’s crazy… some guy actually said the exact opposite thing and his game actually has 1.1 million more players.

  28. Yeah I have to disagree with OP. Destiny 2 is by far the most I have ever spent on a game and probably the most time I have sunk into a game. After such an investment of money and time it's difficult to just quit playing and move on to something else.

  29. With an investment, it's very different. Obviously if your investment is tanking, stop putting money into it . Some would call the purchase of a game an investment, but I look at it another way. If I've spent 300$ on a game, I'm going to play it. And if it's terrible ( I don't think D2 is terrible) I don't see a problem with asking the developer to improve it. Look at No Man's Sky, partly from community feedback that game has become drastically better than it was at launch.

  30. Yeah two was better in basically every way other than having that amazing twist and being an original world. I played through the director's commentary for Bioshock 1 and it's clear that the game was basically held together by duck tape and prayers. A lot came together during crunch and you can tell by how hard the OG fell off after Hephaestus.

  31. I actually kind of hate this game, but I will concede the guns are more fun and the drill dash is vicious good entertainment.

  32. I have played through bioshock 2 many times and have never encountered any game breaking glitches or hard crashes on console. PC might be a different story

  33. A long time ago necessary make a setting - Spray all blue garbage.

  34. Last season I lost a 3 stacks of ascendant shards from my Post Master. I truly feel like some items should never be able to get pushed out of the post Master.

  35. Mental note - if going to war with North Korea, don't use stationary bricks or long sticks as your primary weapons.

  36. This must be the one dude they actually feed

  37. I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this, but the franchise has become a joke. Pokemon has such a huge fanbase that'll buy up anything they produce. They can literally shit out a game, call it pokemon Onyx and it'll sell 10 million copies

  38. This shit should be illegal. Lemme tack an extra 3% on your bill just cause. They know it's bs otherwise they wouldn't have the offer to remove it.

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