1. Best I can find is that weekly sales go live between midnight and 2:00 a.m. Central Time.

  2. it looks like most of the asmodee titles have already been pulled as they're mostly oos.

  3. As someone new to allergies, can you explain the importance of pre-boarding due to them? Not asking out of judgment - purely out of curiosity!

  4. gives you time to wipe down the area you are sitting in

  5. you need to go to an allergist that specializes in food allergies

  6. debating buying this even though i own everything from the first edition and the dark edition

  7. would be buying it for the new monsters / 2nd edition cards

  8. We found a target that already had Star Wars: The Clone Wars in stock so we picked up that and Arnak!

  9. i didnt realize they made a star wars pandemic

  10. CMON Kickstarter for rock-paper-scissors launching soon.

  11. rock is a KS exclusive so retail buyers only get paper / scissors

  12. Google Maps allows you to filter based on when a place is open. Try doing a search for restaurants then filtering for those that are open until midnight. There are also lots of "ghost kitchens" in the area - those places that are open 24/7 on doordash and sell one specific type of food. They operate out of Denny's, IHOP, etc. I'm not entirely sure how it would work logistically but I'm sure you can put big orders in late at night.

  13. little caesars has a decent detroit style pizza

  14. if this ever goes below $10 I might pick it up just for the miniatures

  15. Wendy’s, BK, McDonald’s, White Castle, and Rally’s have never killed me but it’s been a few years.

  16. my local BK actually has a sign that you shouldn't eat there if you are allergic to nuts. White Castle's online menu shows that the waffle may contain nuts so we never bothered going.

  17. This isn't fast food but my daughter loves Olive Garden. She's allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.

  18. just a reminder: this is a worse deal than the historical B2G1 deal Target usually runs.

  19. The best part of this deal was asmodee didn't pull all their drop shipped titles but it looks like they finally got around to pulling everything.

  20. asmodee pulled all their drop shipped games from the sale

  21. brickseek was broken for target a few days ago so probably still broken

  22. This is a good game to play with the kids. I enjoyed Mice & Mystics more.

  23. Did brickseek show the 50% off price but out of stock or did it still show $59.99?

  24. brickseek has been broken for target for awhile now

  25. Pre COVID, the regular Gearloc price $25 each. The base price has since gone up to $30. I think this one is more expensive because it includes 52 cards, which typical Gearlocs have none.

  26. it also has less dice than the other gearlocs

  27. My son has a peanut / tree nut allergy. I have no problem getting him a donut from Dunkin. HOWEVER, I do pay attention to their seasonal menu.

  28. Don't they have a peanut topped donut? I don't trust dunkin as everything is shipped in now so who knows what they're making at the factory.

  29. Your friends are idiots. Everyone has their own risk tolerances. Ask them what their thoughts are on playing Russian roulette.

  30. Most of this stuff feels like making an excuse to buy something...anything. Maybe it solves a problem for some people, but like you I feel like this kind of accessory tries to create a problem in your mind just so you buy it as a solution.

  31. those egg cooking things actually work great.

  32. you should contact the manufacturer. If it's during normal business hours, I will call the manufacturer from the store if I am unsure if something is safe.

  33. And this is why any “bigger TV” always gets ordered online, period. Then we get stuck hiding the box in the attic for years before we finally get rid of it.

  34. I remember buying a 73" dlp awhile back and the kids got to use the box as a fort until trash pickup day

  35. So my son has a severe egg allergy and the only place we’ve eaten is McDonalds. It’s literally the only place I let him eat out.

  36. Did you trust McDonlad's when they did all day breakfast? I am wondering how they managed the cooking of eggs.

  37. I did and there hasn’t been an issue but it’s now making me nervous!

  38. i don't think McD has brought back all day breakfast yet so it shouldn't be an issue now

  39. Does Zombicide ever re-release kickstarter stuff? The Deadwest expansion I NEED for Deadlands!!

  40. That's the promo box so you're going to have to either buy it 2nd hand or preorder a pledge from a game store. Buying a pledge from a game store would probably be the best bet.

  41. Honestly, I find the fairlife skim milk is the best bet! The protein shakes are 150 cals and 30 grams of protein. The fat free milk is 80 calories and 13g of protein per cup. So two cups would be 160 cals and 26g of protein which is pretty close to the protein shakes. You can add some chocolate syrup or powder to flavor it! And cheaper than any protein shake :)

  42. Not sure what macros they are tracking but the milk has a lot more carbs.

  43. Wait.... Crinkle cut is great

  44. maybe if they're extra crispy crinkle cut fries

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