1. What kind of tasks u received while giving exam results satisfaction, search sbs Or something else and what is your locale

  2. So what ru getting now sbs or something else

  3. then probably I'm disqualified from sba now but it's showing qualified in qualification tasks list

  4. Ok bro plz let me know if u find any update related to this

  5. Yes. I was checking their FAQ section for PayPal and hyperwalllet and found out that hyperwalllet fee is 3.95 for every transaction and for PayPal it's 1 dollar plus PayPal's 2% fee and low conversion rate. I also contacted their chat support and found that PayPal is faster than hyperwalllet.

  6. So basically for workmarket paypal is more reliable and good option for us comparison to bank transfer

  7. thank god i find another person who's thinking in a same way as i, i thought I'm the only one who's finding these new rs tasks frustrating, i shut off my laptop after completing only 30 min, i don't know what's wrong with Telus first i received many poi image issue tasks and now these new rs tasks.

  8. I'm really not fan of their new shitty tasks. Just let me do the POI/SEARCH, now I had to spend 30 minutes rating random running animations which loads ONE task at a time with 30 seconds to rate, I spend easily 30 seconds submitting and loading a new result. At least just load more tasks too than one at a time for these short time tasks. Also I hate these tasks too, they are worse paid for more intensive work than the old ones which had more free time to finish and more tasks at once (12 min for poi at address.).

  9. r u remembered when telus said exciting days are ahead so basically these are the days telus was talking about

  10. Atleast u receiving search sbs tasks,from last two days I'm stuck with poi image issue tasks estimate time for this task type is very low only 30 second btw thanks for update about two days ago I received sbs tasks but i didn't open guidelines so i don't have any idea about this update

  11. Search sbs in the morning,after that poi evaluation and now poi image for me,and also I received kg actor tagging 2.0 tasks alot in this week

  12. Nope, I even haven't got the July worksheet approval yet :(

  13. Nope, had NTA on Monday only this week

  14. yeah had nta but only for 2-3 days last week now i received tasks again from this monday

  15. Currently receiving these tasks don't know what to do

  16. So I'm not alone, maybe for some reason this time we receiving late.

  17. yes it's weird but many didn't received their payment

  18. Oh wonder what happened, bank sent the sms that I'll receive my inward remittance on 22 June but didn't received it yet

  19. don't know but i think we have to wait until Monday or Tuesday

  20. Iā€™m under review too. Been 9 days and no update. Very annoying

  21. I think you should rise a ticket and ask them how long you have to wait

  22. Same for me.. it's returns Without loading.. I hope there was some technical issue.. I already raised SR still i didn't get any response.

  23. Glad to know I'm not alone with this problem

  24. Oh really? actually, i have a problem with my account and I want to transfer my monthly salary to my mom's account. Is that possible?

  25. Please let me know if u ever get answer for this one I've same problem I also want to transfer my money in other account

  26. You're doing the right thing, CLOSED is only applicable when there's CLEAR EVIDENCE somewhere that the POI is closed

  27. Yes according to guideline that is correct also I think we can only consider official sources and verified crowed sources (reliable sources) and street imagery for verification google reviews are not applicable for poi verification Or we can???

  28. UPDATE: I got called back to the project, in fact they still call back and the project fluctuates a lot.

  29. I'm also in the same situation can you tell me how much tym does it take for you to call back in the program

  30. i got 2hrs and after that, NTA for the 10 hours already. Yesterday I got like 10 minutes

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