1. It's like looking at a bunch of fish swimming in a pond, it's mostly meaningless, but it's relaxing ig.

  2. -1/10 been doing T break for 2 weeks, it sucks but I don't want to depend on weed to be able to sleep

  3. some one will play this guy with Laura in unlimited for t6 otk

  4. Keep the door close, may attract a stray Meguro

  5. So Omar, white blood cell retention can make us stronger right?

  6. Use that for dosages, I decarb 122 ° for 28 minutes

  7. It was an accident and my stupidity, I put weed and butter in my old strawberry jam jar, then put it in a rice cooker. Then somehow the jar is falling and the butter is leaking out. Now my melted butter is mixing with water in rice cooker

  8. How much butter and water are we talking? There is nothing wrong with mixing real butter with water. The chunks floating on top are your butter, the water pulls undesirables from your butter making it taste better imo. It is called water curing if you Google it.

  9. For HSK 6, I took 3 Listening mock test, 6 Reading mock test, and 3 writing mock test

  10. 恭喜你啊!Could you share where you find your manhua?

  11. Theres nothing gay here, they just get naked and practice BJJ together

  12. Should be fine, my guess its the milk proteins that separated during the cooking.

  13. if you ingest it you will turn into a weed yourself

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