1. Season 10 Episode 1 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  2. It's a good one for sure. Have you seen the Kershaw image variation?

  3. Looks like Paul deJong, Jack Flaherty(?), Yadi, not sure about others

  4. I’m 32 and hate hearing anything about comps. I always have a couple tables at many card shows and everybody wants to comp everything. I wish we didn’t have cell phones to comp things honestly, so annoying

  5. I can see not wanting people to block your table while looking stuff

  6. Brand new account, pics not coined, expensive cards, and it's football in a baseball card Sub.

  7. I don't really care, I'm just pointing out your hurdles.

  8. Ah, gotcha. Yeah it's $25. That makes more sense than it being $30 somewhere.

  9. I’d still pay $30 for archives over $30 for prizm I think!

  10. I've been debating on this for a bit. I just don't actively collect him anymore so I figure it should go to someone that does.

  11. I dig the trading?

  12. Ah, didn't realize they were that much. Thought it'd be closer to $20-25

  13. Have we talked about this one before?

  14. I assume you meant Chat, I have that blocked. I'll send you a PM

  15. Will do. I have a red parallel for you, can't remember if Murphy or Sandberg

  16. A Pro Mold magnetic case using the penny sleeve that comes with it.

  17. Hey, I have a chunk of what you need for 21 A&G: base 61, Murad 11 19 28 34, HH 5 and 16. Also have a couple 21 GQ green for you. Feel free to message me

  18. I’ve got a bunch of 2021 GQ greens. A few 2022 as well. If you have a list, shoot it over and I’ll go through my stuff.

  19. Garvey 25, Lux 20, Gonsolin and Taylor 10 ea.

  20. Sorry for the delay. I was checking with someone to see if they wanted to go in on them, but they don't so I'm gonna hold off for now.

  21. How about Lux, Garvey, Gonsolin, and Taylor in pic 1?

  22. I didn't know that. Anaheim isn't that far of a drive...I wonder what he'd give me for my GQ 1/1 Auto

  23. Definitely something! Pretty sure he mostly looks for 1/1s

  24. Well it would definitely have to be more than a signed ball and a handshake. I'll see if I can dig up some stories from people who have traded him.

  25. Are you using the "Official" Reddit app?

  26. Yeah, I can't do that for one. Maybe I'll pull one from my other boxes!

  27. Not an error, just a crappy printing job. Worth less than one without it.


  29. Think they’re refractors, but I don’t understand the parallels. I opened a 99/99 Arenado version, which should be the “Black” parallel, but nothing is different besides the cut. Not real sure if I’m blind or what lol

  30. The Stadium Club logo should be black

  31. Thank ya. Some ebay research seems some are some aren't just by looking at pictures. Maybe some of the 3 piece puzzles are and some aren't.

  32. That's weird. I'll have remember to check when I get my other boxes.

  33. So almost double what Topps had it for. Nice.

  34. You can get a one day shopping pass for online purchases through BJ’s.

  35. Ah, my LCS. I think it's kinda cringey that he refers to himself in the third person as The Cardfather. Nice guy, though!

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