1. I used to watch it before work but I’ve been scheduled at 6 am recently and GMM doesn’t come out until 6 am, so I watch it after work around 2:30 now.

  2. Look up nalbending. It's a Scandinavian (i think) early type of "yarn craft" but instead of hooks or long knitting needles it basically uses a needle. Similar to our modern yarn needles, and threads and loops it through itself.

  3. It’s much older! Crochet is a rather new yarn art. Nalbinding(or nalbending or nalebinding or nålbinding) is thousands of years older than crochet and knitting. It’s a fascinating art that dates back to 8,000-6,000 BCE in Israel (the oldest knitted piece is from around the 10th century [approximately of course]). And crochet is said to have originated in around the 16th century with the first pattern being published in 1824! Textile history is fascinating!!

  4. Ooo cool. I knew a little bit of the history, mostly from what I learned from a lady on TikTok. I hadn't done too much more diving into it cuz i didn't want to accidentally start learning ANOTHER hyperfixation 😂

  5. It’s so worth the hyperfixation I promise! I know exactly what you mean tho lol

  6. NTA. you agreed for an hour. honestly kind of wild she thought it was ok to make new plans to get her nails done knowing her child is with someone who doesn’t know how to properly care for HER baby. it was nice of you to watch her baby while she went grocery shopping though.

  7. I honestly doubt the plans were new. She probably just lied to get op to agree to caring for the baby. NTA

  8. I mean I don’t really know anything about what cast iron is worth but id totally buy the 9 inch (and the Wagner ware if I didn’t already have the same one lol)

  9. I haven’t made any of these (yet) but I’m obsessed with the Augusta stays and plan on making those as my next project once I finish slowly purchasing the supplies I need. The silhouette that they give is just so beautiful imo

  10. It’s a blanket you start in January lose interest in in February then in November you remember you started it and get sad

  11. Lol. When I explained to my partner, they were like… why do a row one day at a time? Most weather sites keep historical records of temp data 😂

  12. Haha honestly I was doing a weeks worth of rows at a time but at this point it’s too far gone for me to rile up the motivation to continue

  13. Good luck! I’m 18 and have been crocheting since I was 7. I can’t find anyone my own age that crochets.

  14. This is adorable I just waited in front of Elliot’s house until it opened

  15. What pan did you use? I have some mini Bundt pans but they don’t look so authentically skyrim like these do

  16. I just used a muffin pan, and used some rolled parchment paper to create the hole in the centre. Then turned them upside down before icing them.

  17. I had never had a problem until Moment house. I still haven’t gotten my GME shirt (like many others) and I ordered the shot glass during GME which was probably a bad idea on my part and neither has come yet. I’m also still waiting on my blanket but I’m not worried about that since that was redeemed recently

  18. NTA but you need to have a sit down with your husband about this, her grandparents are starving her. There is no "recovering" And if they don't learn to give her foods that she will eat she's going to have long-term issues from being malnourished while she's developing. If he's okay with their grandparents starving her I would be second guessing my relationship.

  19. I didn’t get mine until year 6 of my first play through in scull cavern

  20. This is where I get my pufferfish from, can’t be bothered to actually fish for it since she always sells it

  21. Because they want you to produce a finished object that looks exactly like the pattern. I have encountered knitters who look down on me for knitting left-handed and not forcing my body into the uncomfortable and unnatural position of knitting right-handed.

  22. That’s insane! I’m left handed but learned to knit right handed hand that was just more comfortable for me cause I was so young when I learned. But when I started crocheting (only a year or two after I learned to knit) I couldn’t grasp right handed crocheting and I crochet left handed. It’s so weird that other people care how you knit when you’re doing what’s comfortable for you!

  23. I agree, but it's something I've been dealing with my whole life (the perceived wrongness of being left-handed). In third grade, my teacher tried to make me "learn" to write with my right hand. Thankfully, my mother went to the school and put a stop to it.

  24. It’s such a strange thing for people to want to change about someone

  25. Honestly never even heard of this "sweater curse" before being on this sub. It's easy to find causation in coincidence if you look hard enough. I feel like it's a problem that doesn't exist anywhere outside of this sub. However if you're wicken and believe these things, problems you believe could arise have a way of manifesting themselves especially when no offense you seem to be looking for them to. Just don't make the sweater?

  26. I actually volunteered in a nursing home and was in a crochet/knitting circle with a bunch of older women (I was 13 at the time) and they all had stories of how making socks/sweaters cursed their relationships lol! So it’s definitely a thing outside of this sub but I make many things for my boyfriend all the time and nothing has happened 🤷‍♀️

  27. I think we may actually be the same person

  28. I meannn with the way the glaze is just like… strewn on the muffins how could it not lmao

  29. Actually agree I only have 1a 2a and 4a for goldens right now I believe and I was getting bored with 3a and 5a so I did 1c and got it in under an hour and was much more confident in myself again lol!

  30. I play pretty casually but I’ve completed the game and farewell and whatnot but I’ve only just recently heard of celestenet. Do you get to play with other people? If so I’m so down!

  31. I'll have to try to bake one, I've baked a few cakes and lots of brownies and cookies but I've never tried a pie before

  32. This was the first one Ive made without the help of my parents as a child lol. It was actually way easier than I expected!

  33. Ludo! My first thought too. It's like an ice version of ludo.

  34. Yes! I couldn’t remember his name for the life of me lol thank you!

  35. My fave screenshot. Its what i see when i open my IPAD. my 2 fave drunk cuties ❤️❤️. Goals

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