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  1. I had friends hosted for that long for a pack of beers. The potential cost has nothing to do with it. They were hosting you, and should expect nothing in return for it. The fact that you are offering them, a generous in my eyes, gift is a very nice gesture.

  2. Half way through the 1st episide of s2 I was worried it was going to get corny and that they were going to try being more humurous and ruin the perfect balance of the first season.

  3. So you’re saying that this show is not corny?

  4. People being mad and salty in the comments really perplexes me. Such a big move from the premarket on such a small volume cannot be sustained so its not illogical or "manipulation" for the price to drop. Why cant you be happy that the company is on the way up and the price is starting to reflect that. Thats enough superstonk for today.


  6. Im honestly fascinated by the review score this show has and at this point I’m pretty sure netflix is paying for good reviews. The story was extremely mediocre, the casting was bad. Season 1 was a bit intriguing due to the mystery, but the more I watched the worse it became. Cliche and uninspiring dialogue, bad and prolonged fighting scenes. Bad visual effects that for some reason they decided to focus on them. All the characters started feeling very superficial and badly written and by the end it felt like there were no stakes. All the protagonists have plot armor so every situation will be resolved in the easiest and most painless way. The universe is shallow and besides random references you never truly understand it. Its just another trash netflix show that people will consume and not remember in 2 months. I hate-watched it because i found it funny, but wouldn’t suggest for anyone to spend their time on it.

  7. 100k per share. Man you really like your hair xD

  8. Ah like the time posts were getting pushed to /all saying this is your last chance to buy gme cause after the split we are going astronomical.

  9. If so much FUD, why still here?

  10. Yeah, the technique of not letting the other person speak by shouting and talking over them while repeating the same point and pretending you fully understand it, is rarely used.

  11. Its enough to validate redditors opinions and i guess thats what matters. /s

  12. Seems like it to me. I see posts with videos of this guy and it's just a bunch of simps talking him up. Don't get it.

  13. I've lost count of the amount of times I have heard "we are in the end game", etc.

  14. Its copium for the masses. Thats why you always see these posts when the price is crashing.

  15. The aesthetics have changed, but the essence is the same.

  16. No to both. Sony is in no ways in cooperation with Steam, and Larian don't want to give you a free key (which they would pay for) for playstation.

  17. Yeah he was literally 10 seconds away, if he wanted to pay this would be over in 20 seconds. Honestly maybe unpopular opinion here. But she could have payed and then dispute it. Leveraging the fact that there are people waiting so she doesnt have to pay is a shitty thing.

  18. I gotta admit the shills get me going sometimes, but the artificial sentiment over there is just way beyond any temptation to treat others poorly that I might have.

  19. I gotta admit the shills get me going sometimes, but the artificial sentiment over there is just way beyond any temptation to treat others poorly that I might have.

  20. Your response doesn’t make sense to my question

  21. Op is a dumb dumb and you’re trying to convince a brick wall. This sub was always paranoid with shills and the more the price drops the more people here look for some kind of affirmation and will make these idiotic accusations. 🎤👇

  22. This is such a stupid post. If you invested in any of the todays huge enterprises for 30 years you would have made a shitload of profit. People were patient until bankruptcy too but you only hear the successful stories. Dont be a dumb dumb

  23. Nobody in this comment section appears to have even read the post. I'm the only person so far to notice it's a spread of 28 years, and not 54%/year as the post claims.

  24. I’m fine with this. We disabled people want to be treated like everyone else. Good for him for not holding back, while still holding back.

  25. Youre an idiot. Guy was kicked from the back and hit his head. He could have died over trash talking and you are fine with this. So sad.

  26. So if youre racist you deserve to die. You’re pretty edgy.

  27. This whole post is cringe and possibly made up entirely

  28. I hope it is made up, at least then its cringy and not sad.

  29. Yeah its a dumpster fire. One comment says there is no vet the other says its too expensive to spay her cat. While she has a 100 dollar streaming mic and buying cameras and fancy shoes. She says the male cat is spayed and that her cat never goes out. Yet she is pregnant 2 times mysteriously and she never questioned it. Its just sad really. Poor cat.

  30. they showed literally both cinematics and gameplay. moving around in new environments IS gameplay

  31. This is the equivalent of a trailer for a patch update to me.

  32. Why im expressing an opinion? Do you have stock of the company or something?

  33. Yikes. Damn I bet it’s hard not having friends irl and being this miserable. Thoughts and prayers.

  34. Yeah, imagine what kind of emotional abuse leads to this lack of empathy. Hope you can get better <3

  35. Right? Seeing this comment thread is the actual cancer.

  36. Αν χρειάζεσαι το ρεντιτ να σου απαντήσει για αυτο βαλε τα χρηματα σου σε ενα ψηλο ραφι να μη τα φτανεις.

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