My maximalist living room, Baltimore.

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Qatar won't allow any cooked Kosher food and public Jewish prayer

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  1. How is the considered a McMansion? That sub is all over the place.

  2. Lol it isn't! Thursdays are design appreciation day, where people post drool worthy houses instead of the usual mcmansion hell!

  3. Detroiter here... Our houses are some of the most beautiful in the world

  4. Holy shit 😍😍😍 please do an entire post so we may drool over your fab home!

  5. I did genetic testing a few years ago after my mom did. Turns out we are the only ones in the entire family to have the BRCA2 mutation.

  6. He didn’t name a century, so, he could mean 40ad and be technically correct.

  7. lol yes, i guess they could have been referring to 40CE.

  8. I was referring to the limited times there weren't any massacres. Even in the more recent times when pogroms weren't happening and things were "stable," Jews weren't viewed as equals.

  9. colorado is a wasteland for design. soooo much ugly architecture.

  10. i'm so sorry that you're experiencing this. do you mind me asking what your age/your friend's ages are?

  11. We’re on our 17/18s already and knew each other since 11, we know each other irl but the talk was on social media earlier today

  12. truthfully, it sounded like some teenage edgelord behavior to me. that doesn't negate the problematic aspects of it, of course. i hope that in a couple of years your friends will absolutely CRINGE at this behavior.

  13. wait wait wait, you mean your aryan looking bf is lacking empathy and compassion for your concerns because he thinks you're overreacting!?!? color me shocked.

  14. I don’t want to speak for kosherkenny but that’s not the point they are making. Jewish could be used as an ethnicity/culture and/or religion. This is not the same as someone claiming to be Christian but still being an asshole.

  15. the first plant i ever bought was a wandering jew. i bought it entirely because of the name, as i myself have been quite the wanderer. and also i am jewish.

  16. i actually was broaching the subject prior to Roe being overturned, because i truly believe that is a far greater concern than antisemitism. being a jewish woman in the US is a little worrying, and i've been incredibly conflicted about leaving.

  17. Ha oh no I identify with this sentiment. You come sit here by me and gripe, OP.

  18. Actually, I know I need to attend shul more frequently. I've been wanting to, but Saturday morning rolls around and I'm usually like, man I just need to decompress a bit and not leave the house. Obviously this is the kind of thing where I just need to stop being lazy and make myself go, because I know I'll feel 1000x better.

  19. Personally....I don't use social media much anymore, I mostly lurk here on reddit. I only engage in conversation in online communities with 0 tolerance for any hate. It is not an ideal situation, and certainly not for everyone, there is a lot i miss and miss out on keeping in touch with a lot of those weaker ties but I couldn't do it anymore, i couldn't deal with the barrage of ads and arguing.

  20. I feel that. I don't really use social media much. I've got reddit, to browse some specific subs that usually are nice and positive, and then IG which has a lot of the same material. The issue lies with the people I know IRL, and when they post absurd shit. With people I don't know, it's obviously a no brainier to just block and delete. But with the people I do know, and actually like.... That's where more inner conflict arises, and thus heavier feelings once it's done.

  21. i'd get a little corner outdoor section to put over by the wall the bike is on.

  22. totally understand the function.... but you can definitely get more stylish chairs that either already have wheels, or it's easy enough to install some on wooden legs! it would be an excellent upgrade and would help tie everything together without having to sacrifice the mobility aspect you like so much.

  23. i honestly can't get over this bathroom. i opened it up in a tab and had to wait a bit after scrolling with my homepage before being able to really look at the pics. YOU DID SUCH AN AMAZING JOB!!! honestly, i love every single damn thing about this bathroom! i really think the best part of it is just the color scheme you used. loooooove the earthy green walls and that rug! please tell me what color that wall is :).

  24. it's a very classic and pretty landscape shot, and the colors look great! the only negative thing i can point out is i think the crop is a bit too tight. i look at this and just want more sky to it.

  25. The power imbalance just adds to it. Again, Palestinian extremists do horrible atrocities. But Israel is ridiculously overpowered and when they attack civilians, it’s like an MMA fighter punching a toddler. It’s very one sided.

  26. i think more info is needed before jumping to advice. what exactly do you want to use this room for, and does it line up with how it's ACTUALLY being used?

  27. It’s a small house with a very open floor plan. This is the main room we spent most of our time in (relaxing, playing, etc). One half is the side I’ve pictured and behind it is the kitchen/dining room. Right now it just feels large and empty. I’d like it to feel like a separate space. I also don’t know if I can decorate the kitchen and living room separately, or if they need to have coordinating themes and color schemes.

  28. okay, thanks! i see what you mean, but honestly i don't think you need to do a whole lot to tie it all together!

  29. As a Jew, can confirm i’d rather be a Jew than a redhead

  30. I feel like we've come full circle back to the 1920s and 1950s all tile bathrooms.

  31. No lie.. & soon after I have more comments I may send him this thread so the gaslighting can stop. He never let's up. Still guilt tripping me as we speak.

  32. The gaslighting won't let up if you show him this, and guaranteed he will just be shittier to you because you aired your dirty laundry to a bunch of strangers.

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