1. I’m still surprised there are people who don’t let their dishes soak before hand washing them.

  2. I just quickly rinse food off my plates as soon as I’m done using them…it’s much easier than letting a whole nasty sink of stuck on food sit for hours.

  3. Also does she realize if she pays you back 100$ per month at a time it will take her over 4 years to actually pay you back?? She’s gotta increase the amount she gives you.

  4. My kid is 4 and I’m being lazy on the couch currently, she is playing in her room by herself. I will be one and done though so I’m not sure how parents of multiples do it

  5. You are a beautiful woman and your hair is so thick!

  6. It’s amazing how I never saw any pictures or encountered anyone with such a small waist until the last 5-10 years when photo manipulation apps became popular… 🤔 hmmm

  7. The influx of people moving here has ruined the culture we used to have... Things were nice before people started moving here... I hate all those people, and apartment buildings, and especially the drivers who have never seen snow before and cause wrecks... Snow is dangerous enough without a bajillion people on the road, more than half of which are either going so slow it's not even funny, or pretending there is no snow and careening into other people and things.

  8. I used to go to undergrad in Colorado back in 2007 and it had so much more charm back then. Now when I visit it’s all full of traffic, tolls, chain restaurants, and metal/urban architecture.

  9. What place do you consider to have the best Vietnamese food here?

  10. If you can't make it downtown I recommend Viet Taste, they have some of my favorite dishes

  11. If I’m being honest, He talks about wanting another baby’s more than I do

  12. TBH you guys really need to stop with the magical thinking and come down to earth. Even this whole 'suicide plan' is irrational and emotional. The best thing for you as a couple now is to invest in your family and life AS IS. No more talk of moving into a grand apartment, bigger home, or more kids, that is just absolutely out of reach right now.

  13. From a rehab perspective, it appears the "never walk or think the same" comes from the signs and symptoms of multiple strokes. A neurologist will be able to look at his brain imaging and tell you the specific areas of the brain and the blood flow that was affected and how badly. In a stroke, the blood flow to certain parts of the brain was absent, resulting in brain tissue death.

  14. You need to speak to your doctor about this. Sorry

  15. It was for a week and she knew it was for a week. Not forever

  16. I'm sure she spent that whole week being scared and anxious her guardian would not come back for her. This is absolutely not something to do to children, no matter what age. Kids are assholes, sometimes the MOST assholes to their parents because they FEEL SAFE. They test you by saying they hate you and shit because they want you to say 'Well guess what, I will love you forever.'

  17. Well I think I’m done with this game. I worked my ass off to get to Legend tier and it was basically a part time job to submit SO many designs. Now I still have to have 70 wins to keep my status? Yikes.

  18. What about the people who have great all of the above and get rejected?!

  19. Start writing your ECs and personal statement NOW in a word document or notion note-taking. Over the coming months you can edit and add to it, get your contacts and hours written out, and have everything polished and ready to go by the time applications open. I think the people who struggle are the ones who are writing their personal statement as the application opens.

  20. Wait, you can do that?? I stopped using it bc my house is too dry and it doesn't work for me on my skin.

  21. Yep I take capsule collagen and HA and it definitely helps my skin from the inside out

  22. Care to share the brand? Just turned 30 and looking for collagen supplements lol

  23. I do not have the data. Honestly I am just wondering if the solution is more applicants from those areas or whether the solution is heavier incentives to encourage applicants from anywhere to move to those areas (heavy loan forgiveness, significantly more $$$, etc.).

  24. When you incentivize through $$, I think this doesn't address the community the physicians are serving. For example, a white, urban candidate is probably not going to be the best representative to serve a Native American pueblo community. They won't understand the cultural norms, the expected interpersonal communication, or the relationship they have with healthcare in general. Recruiting specifically from rural areas with expectations of serving rural areas will allow for that community to be served by physicians that understand where they are coming from.

  25. Hey I'm going through this right now!

  26. Were you able to access the financial aid portal because you committed to a school or is this a portal we can access even when we have only put a deposit but not committed?

  27. I was able to access the financial aid portal as an accepted student who has clicked 'hold my spot' or whatever it needs for you to validate that you want to agree to the acceptance.

  28. Thank you! With my overalls still being under 3.0 I get stuck on the low GPA

  29. I've heard many schools will screen out applications at a 3.0 minimum cum GPA

  30. I've been watching some youtube reactions and it's just a bunch of grown men crying and it's really heart warming. I'm glad men can be vulnerable and be emotional about this episode

  31. It may not be ideal, but if you want kids, I would keep the baby, and dump the bf. If you don't want kids, get an abortion, and dump the bf.

  32. Hard disagree, she would be better off going the sperm donor route or adopting if she wants a kid, so she doesn't have to share any legal custody or decision-making with her ex. He can become a HUGE thorn in her side and really fuck up a child's sense of self and identity because of his actions and she, as a mother, would have NO control over any of it. This could be devastating for them

  33. Also, there has got to be a midway point between Mcdonald's and a highly restrictive KETO diet. If they crave a burger and fries make a burger at home with healthy, fresh ingredients with chopped bell peppers instead of fries or something. Have water or Lacroix instead of soda. Make things that are still enjoyable to eat/drink instead of just taking everything away from these poor kids

  34. There's no way to prove it's a fellow girl-gamer though, it could be a male just impersonating a woman online for trolling purposes

  35. Don't daydream about 'grass is greener' scenarios, you will never be satisfied with your own path and own life. I'm married and there are many things that my husband and family will have to sacrifice in order to achieve MY dream. He is supportive, but it is still a struggle for what it means for his career and the friends he is leaving behind.

  36. If you have 100% a top school I would correspond with the admissions team and ask if they accept early decision applicants or how they weigh that

  37. Cringe like this is why I'm glad I'm non trad

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