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  1. I've been searching and most of website says that the outlier is less than the lower fence, so I guess 15 is not an outlier?, but I'm just unsure

  2. It starts after the carrots are tapped

  3. It generates sticks which is used in the main tasks, has infinite drops but will melt in short time. So better clear your board, prepare energies and click as fast as you can

  4. And what does the snowman give? Christmas decorations? And how many taps until the snowman turns into this melting snowman?

  5. The snowman gives 4 carrots and L3 carrot cake gives 16 enery. The snowman then melts. Christmas decoration drops from decoration box which comes after the fireplace disappears.

  6. Two is not several, but from five to ten thousand upward would be. As you can imagine, ten thousand resource packs would easily account for 4GB. While I of course don’t believe you have that many, you need to be more specific. Regardless, even if you only had five or six resource packs, if they’re large ones, the could add up to 4GB.

  7. I had 3, and how could anyone define ten thousand as several

  8. Did it just show up? I only noticed it on mine today.

  9. Yes it just did. Maybe it is a july thing?

  10. I counted 72 drops from it (not sure tho but it was a lot)

  11. Similar, but I tap on drawer instead of tools barrel and sell the vases. Keeping my tool barrels and pots, so the vase was “side effect”.

  12. I’m currently trying to get max level tool barrel and I feel like merging vases to level 2-3 have more chances of getting double bubble

  13. Just curious, what type of flowers filled the box? Peonies, Red flowers, or the blooming bush? Nice job getting all those screws and spades👏👏

  14. Level 9 blooming bush and 3 peonies, also I impatiently spent all my energy bubbles I hoarded

  15. Yep. Same thing happened to me when I finished IB. Which sucked because I was working on another tin can and had about 2k worth of items. I didn’t think to sell first, and thought I’d still be able to keep the arch. When people said you’d not be able to do the event again, I thought they meant just the event. Not that everything related to the event gets wiped, 😭

  16. Me too, I also kept another hood ornament in the inventory and its gone

  17. You have great speed already! I thought you're trying to do a spin from crossover entrance (or from wind up).

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