1. We’re in love we’re a couple in love!!!! 🤣🤣😂😂

  2. Also enjoy the bit where Teddy isn't convinced they're coming. "I'll put you down for a soft maybe." "Let me know."

  3. Whites… sometimes greens. But my fave is opms x tract gold. Love it

  4. I toss and wash with Pepsi. Lol I’m used to it

  5. Sick of this garbage weather. Can’t wait until summer so I can complain about the heat and humidity

  6. I swear. Omg it’s hot. No I made a pact with myself a few years back that I will never ever complain about the heat. I will just think about the hard ass snow smacking me in the face scrapping ice and frozen toes.

  7. OK good. I was beginning to worry about your Chicago cred 😀

  8. Lol we learned that back in grammar school. But I still will use it as a reference. I’m definitely a long time Chicago native. 43 years to be exact.. I miss it sometimes. Especially the food..

  9. U sound just like me. Except i went the 1st day. After that no call no show. I cried my heart out the next day. Scared freaking out . As soon as I made the choice not to go in I felt better. I wish I could encourage you but how can I when I am in the same boat buddy. I hope we both get the help we need. Sending hugs..

  10. I've been up all night korie. Was going to sleep. Saw your post. All I can send you is love. I think you should talk to someone. Could be someone close. Could be a friend from 30 years ago. Could be someone independent. Could be a professional. It started just now talking here.

  11. U just made me smile!!! Thank you! I definitely have talked to family and friends and my daughter. I need a professional. I thought I’d come here 1st to admit my issues to complete strangers. It warms me up to talk to a therapist whom will be a complete stranger. I definitely don’t want it to get worse. Not leaving home at all. Tomorrow I will make that step and find a therapist in my area. Thank u again for your kind words..❤️❤️❤️

  12. It’s been 4 months since loss of taste and smell. I’m about 80% back but tap water stinks. Since Covid I wake up with a frontal headache. Once I sit up it goes away. Probably a sinus infection. But they want to test me again. No no no. I’m not sick and this has been going on for 4 months now.

  13. Then you wouldn't have a show.

  14. This right here. I tell myself this all the time. Like well if it went this way or that way this one would still be alive . But in all honesty yeah there wouldn’t have been a show. I do the same with the walking dead.

  15. For me, I think the actor Theo Rossi didn’t do a great job portraying Juice. I’ve watched and rewatched again and again and I can’t seem to shake the feeling that his acting is so off. He overacts in certain scenes and underacts in other places. I feel like his storyline could have been even more meaningful, tragic, epic if he was played but an actor who knew how to organise the characters feelings in that particular moment. I’m not a professional by any means but his acting just did not do it for me. I want to keep blaming it on inconsistent writing etc but point is a good actor can turn anything around. Just look at Clay’s character. Ron Pearlman got viewers feeling sorry for him at the time of his death. That look he gave Gemma was heart wrenching and just full of so much untold truths about their life together. Juice didn’t have any pivotal moments that made me want to continue watching for his character. A lot of the times his words and his physical acting did not match. Is he happy or sad ? Is he hiding something ? It felt like he shot all his scenes in different days of the year - they just don’t link up. Sorry rant over. And sorry to any Juice fans.

  16. Clays death hurt me. I felt so bad for him. The way he looked at Gemma. Yeah Theo his best performance was at the end when he sat and talked with max and told him everything.

  17. They have their moments but as a whole they are not as good as seasons 5-10. Those are the golden seasons in my opinion. I forget what season it was after season 12 but it’s pretty good. Season 18 is the worst in the series containing god awful episodes like “Christmas is Comming”. Fuck I hate that episode.

  18. 5-10. The best. Maybe because I’m 47 and I can relate to a-lot of the jokes from like the 80’s. I’m currently watching family gay season 7. One of the best. But I love the one with Feral Peter. Shut up Meg.

  19. Toss and wash. Like half teaspoon at a time. Just don’t talk breath blink move. Lol

  20. They aren’t supposed to deposit until tomorrow. I bet with the holiday there’s a delay. My check doesn’t deposit until 8:00am on the days we get paid

  21. I always get my deposit on Wednesday between 10pm and 11pm. I think Hyvee is late this week.

  22. That test can come back positive for over a month. I took one last week had Covid beginning of nov. still positive. But been back at work after 10 days.

  23. Alot of people here have complained about management being unreliable. But my stores upper staff is relatively great, I was told that starting in January it would be switched to a weekly pay period

  24. Right I haven’t heard anything. But my son was just hired and they told him that too

  25. I’m on day 20 still can’t taste and smell fully. Like 70%. But man any tomato sauce in a can taste like straight Pennie’s. Disgusting. Can’t taste pepperoni. At all. I have been eating peppermint altoids to help my taste . Doubt it is working

  26. Yes!!! The look when he bit dudes neck off and had blood all over his face!!! Loved it!

  27. I'm not afraid of ghosts I'm not afraid of sharks I'm not afraid of cancer I'm just afraid of snakes They really creep me out Where are their arms and legs? It's not okay!

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