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Can anyone explain to me why NBA fans on social media seem to actively reject the WNBA and everything it tries to do?

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  1. Well for starters he believes we share hormone responses with crustaceans, which is pretty damn delusional.

  2. From a strictly neurochemical perspective he’s not wrong, a lot of the defining features of nervous systems have been preserved even amongst vastly different species.

  3. Most seasoned EM attendings I've spoken to told me not to pursue EM

  4. Have the average scores gone up across the board? When I was in medical school, the average Step I was ~215. If we're seeing 240 as the norm, I think that the scoring is more generous.

  5. Lol at the first assumption being that students have it easier as opposed to being more prepared for the exam out of necessity..

  6. College sports are fucking massive despite being a vastly inferior product than the NBA.

  7. Inferior product in terms of the average talent of the players or the general entertainment value? I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the NCAA beats out the WNBA in these categories

  8. That’s PSLF. Anyone who does it needs to document absolutely every transaction and communication exhaustively: although they’re improving, approval rates have been absolutely dismal.

  9. Is there somewhere we can read about this? This is the first time I’m hearing about the poor approval rates

  10. How does on undertake a MD/PhD in tandem, am about to be done with my Bsc ..and would like to get into computational protein modeling/design...

  11. There're combined MD-PhD programs in the US. They're pretty competitive and span several years longer than normal 4 year MD school path. You'd apply the same way as you would to medical schools if you'd be interested

  12. Does it really highlight “just how much preference URMs receive” or does it show that’s very real trend that MCAT scores averages continuously increase every year?

  13. Yes - showing that URM's (including those from African American, Hispanic, and native American communities) get admitted to medical school with significantly lower MCAT scores does show the advantage these applicants can have relative to ORM applicants. Of course, this is to level out the playing field as ORM applicants tend to have much higher socioeconomic advantages compared to their URM counterparts (connected to lower representation in medicine that is inversely proportional to how much 'help' they get in applying).

  14. You're fine if it doesn't get the in way of your academic responsibilities but this is person-to-person dependent. I was urine tested about a month before school started and they let us take it on our own timeline so its hard to let it sink you.

  15. I was mid-haircut when I got the acceptance call lol

  16. The crazy amount of mindless crime, drug and homeless issues, shootings, robberies. You know, Tacoma area stuff. Math. But maybe a letter or so off.

  17. I know you meant meth, but this is a pretty funny typo

  18. Saying ‘19 Raptors and ‘21 Bucks aren’t bad answers - they got a loooot of blessings on their way to the championship.

  19. got my only MD - II last cycle in January after applying to 33 schools. Stats were ~3.79 and 512, complete in mid-July to August. Currently procrastinating studying anatomy lectures at said school! things work out weirdly sometimes haha

  20. in what way did my post remotely sound like I'm sensitive other than idk the truth I spoke??? He is 6 inches taller. Freakish player who only scores by running and dunking his way. Over matching his opponents. Sorry but the reality is this era of basketball is much different than the era Kobe played. Fuck off

  21. lol the irony in this reply being really sensitive 😩

  22. It’s not even just that. Our stars played like Kentucky Fried Ass.

  23. Jerami Grant is actually really good tho

  24. I know this post was meant to be helpful, but if you're applying right now please do not slack on getting your secondaries submitted asap. I started work full-time last year while the influx of essays began and submitted many of them weeks late. The two interviews I had in the last cycle were from schools where my secondary was submitted in less than a week. Having 8 interviews and 4 acceptances out of 20 MD schools is absolutely not the norm; do not let this give you a false sense of comfort.

  25. Jimmy plays as a #1 option, Jrue plays as a #3

  26. Lol relatable, it was brought up at least twice on interview day

  27. It definitely doesn't hurt and can help boost your app if its well-written

  28. Apply to all state schools you'd be happy w/ attending and very broadly otherwise - just make sure you're early for secondary submission and you're golden. Don't overthink it! good luck

  29. Not sure why you got so defensive - it’s certainly disingenuous to imply that most women don’t prefer men taller than them. Ofc individuals will have their own preferences but averages across populations will support these trends

  30. Bio gets a lot better once you’re past the sequence of the 201-205 classes btw

  31. I’m in this picture and I don’t like it 😪

  32. the kind of domination JJ provides doesnt necessarily show up on the stat sheet. you see, JJ is just so good that what he plays cannot even be considered a "main ball handler". That's too limiting to what his skill truly is. He is more of a "main player", as he's so good that the rest of the team barely has to try thanks to him. While it may sometimes look like Shawn Marion is playing and JJ is on the bench, Shawn is actually only doing so well because he is afraid of JJ's wrath if he messes up. JJ's skill level is so good that every night Rick Carlisle has to get dinner with JJ so that JJ can train Carlisle on how to understand the game. Rick's coaching ability would be nowhere near what it is today if it weren't for JJ.

  33. Yes definitely one of the easiest upper div bios

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