In case you missed it…

A golden splash of respect

A glittering stamp for a feel-good thing

Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

  1. Normalize women getting along no matter how we dress

  2. Round these parts we don't take kindly to pitting women against each other

  3. This is a good start but we can do better

  4. I'll show them I can totally wear Heelys

  5. IT just threw off the gloves 🥊🥊

  6. They played Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal (an infamous bootleg copy of Pokemon Crystal allegedly released in Vietnam, it refers to Pokemon as "elves")

  7. When I was little and first discovered emulators I downloaded 'Pokemon Diamond' (this was in the early 2000s years before the DS game) which was a bootleg port of a Japanese game rebranded as a Pokemon game and it terrified me. All of the sprites creeped me out and something about the game made me nauseous and uneasy

  8. This service goes down every few days it's nothing out of the normal

  9. Nopenbeen trying for a month. Everytime it hasnt worked.

  10. It works for me but only about 40% of the time

  11. It's so perfect it feels like a parody even the editing seems deliberately comedic

  12. You telling me an egg fried this rice?

  13. This is exactly what I needed to see today

  14. I'm a big fan just wanna ask how do you get along with your Alolan version?

  15. Damn this got me hyped and I've played this game a hundred times

  16. I love Launch it's a shame Toriyama forgot about her she would have been a fun addition to Z

  17. I can't wait to see a man be wildly cheered for beating the shit out of his son, it's kinda funny out of context.

  18. And they say WWE doesn't do long term storylines SMH

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