1. Not the best of all time, but I LOVE Richard Henshall's the Cocoon. It's dark, jazzy, technical, quirky, and conceptual. If you know Haken, imagine stripping out the more intense metal moments and the poppy choruses. That's this record. Never heard another like it. Charlie Griffiths, the other Haken guitarist also put out an amazing solo record recently but it definitely leans into extreme metal a bit too much to be an instant recommend in the prog space. The title track sounds like Lark's Part II modernized.

  2. Come on, you've got Adrian Belew's insanity on the title track and Halo, some two solos in Arriving somewhere (one melodic and one metal). Sure that's not a lot but the ones there are excellent and stick out.

  3. Frost**'s Day and Age has no solos, quite intentionally. (It's still great but my least favorite Frost* album as a result.)

  4. I think Day and Age is superb, it's better than EIMA in my opinion just because it sounds like they forgot to mix EIMA. Black Light Machine is my favorite solo of all time though so I hope John Mitchell gets a few more in the future.

  5. I prefer Crystallised but they were on fire from the start.

  6. What if I got "unlimited games" but with the catch that I get "no" "video games?" T'would be a most intriguing conundrum!

  7. Well genres are super nebulous things, but I'll take a crack at it. "Prog Rock" used to be experimental, blending jazz, symphonic/classical, psychedelic and more into never before territory but that was 50 years ago. To say making that kind of music today is progressive is a misnomer since a lot of it (in particular the entire neo-prog movement) doesn't try to explore new ground in the same way as the old boundary pushing bands of the 70s. However the term prog is still useful as a blanket term for so many niche subgenres and many decades of cool music.

  8. This is probably the best explanation i’ve seen for this. But would you consider certain 70s prog to be art rock? Or certain progressive albums art rock. I know a lot of people consider pink floyd to be art rock or king crimson.

  9. The issue is genre. In a sense, Prog can not be a genre because it exists when genres blend or don't exist. Therefore KC and PF are progressive artists but the genre should be something else, such as eclectic/experimental rock or psychedelic rock. Art Rock is much broader and could apply to anything that breaks cliche, like Tears For Fears all the way to Cardiacs. Ultimately neither are super useful terms. Soft Machine, Rush, Leprous, Magma, TessaracT... These bands and many more can all be called prog but they are all so different that the term does nothing to inform a prospective listener what they are going to hear.

  10. Yeah, when I was driving down to my college freshman year I realized I could listen to exactly one song of Tales From Topographic Oceans while driving, allowing me to hear the whole album every two days. I believe I did this for a month and the CD has sat on my shelf ever since lol.

  11. Echoes is not one of the greatest listening experiences humanity has produced.

  12. Such a shame because White is a top 5 Leprous song easy.

  13. I kind of like it, it reminds me of Soen's Tellurian. That being said, I like Haken's more minimalistic covers. It's sort of a reminder that there's no bullshit being sold - the real treasure is the music.

  14. Good album too; Soen isn't very consistent imo but there's a lot of gems on that one.

  15. Idk I think they’re pretty consistent, one of modern metal’s most consistent.

  16. I guess consistently impressive, I agree they have a very specific sound and stick to it but I think that the strength of the albums varies much more than the sound for whatever reason. Just my opinion though, and I do really like Tellurian.

  17. Anyone wanna start a Dark Progressive Folk Speed Metal band with lyrics in broken af latin?

  18. I took 6 years of Latin, I'm ready for this.

  19. Personally, I'd move Aphelion to mid top left, Pitfalls to bottom left, Congregation trade places with TPS. Rest are perfect.

  20. I really like the solo though, but it's a bit cheesy

  21. Hey uh... I think I'm in the wrong discord call... could someone help me please?

  22. Why not listen to actually good Norwegian bands like Moron Police, Airbag, Gazpacho, or Leprous smh my head. Right there you've got goofy pop metal, ambient accessible psychedelia and whatever Leprous is. None of this bl*ck m*tal cr*p (crud).

  23. Personally I like Double Vision, but Contagion and The Visitor are on a different tier entirely.

  24. You ever go to a Musical Box show and see a crowd filled with tubby 60-year-olds wearing the t-shirts they bought when they saw Yes in 2007? That.

  25. The Musical Box is amazing, and this is extremely accurate. I'm in my 20s and the average age at the shows I attend is about 55.

  26. A large number of JRPGs feature an evil religious group, in particular multiple Final Fantasy games. My personal favorite video game of all time, Final Fantasy Tactics is based around this very thing. However, I think that that game is a lot more nuanced in its critique of organized religion: essentially the leaders of the religion have warped the truth and are trying to gain demonic powers, but this goal is also sought by many political leaders in the same world. In my opinion, the message of the game is about how corruption and power are human characteristics that clash with the idealism of the main character, so corrupt religious leaders are the result of human failure rather than religion itself. It's much more politically driven overall, and the religious leaders are treated the same as other aristocrats.

  27. r funny has to be some kind of inside joke right? every time I go there I am amazed that the less funny something is, the more upvotes it has. I understand humor is subjective, but it seems like most posts don't attempt a punchline.

  28. Dang. Wish I was a vocalist! I've been listening to you guys for two years now, that debut album is really excellent! Wishing you the best of luck in finding one.

  29. /uj My dad got me a shirt like this for my birthday AND Christmas this year, how do I explain to him that this is extremely cringe and I'd rather be seen in my underwear than in either shirt out in public? Both are just like "yep, I have several guitars"

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