"Millions are dead in Iraq. We actually fought in your damn wars. You sent us to hurt civilians." Army Veteran confronts Biden.

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  1. Do you or do you not support biological men playing women’s sports? Simple yes or no will suffice

  2. You never answered my questions, so I'm never answering yours.

  3. To be clear, I already know the answer to my question. Consider going outside and enjoying the real world and take a break from constantly posting on Reddit

  4. I don't need your unsolicited advice and I don't want it.

  5. Yeah ima geuss your Microsoft’s new ai or some shit

  6. It's very easy to know that I'm not AI. Still waiting for why you think you're above the rules.

  7. Okay, well thanks for letting me know that you definitely need to be blocked.

  8. And you've seen a lot more living ones than you have dead ones. They all died, but they got eaten up really quickly. Humans are the only animals who choose their diet and we can choose to not eat other animals.

  9. Aye, your right aren’t ya? Thanks again for replying.

  10. Of course. Have a good one, friend.

  11. Prior to the 1960s, Jews were called Palestinians.

  12. I absolutely agree. They're undocumented citizens of Israel. It's time they dropped this two state bullshit had fought (peacefully, non-violently) for citizenship.

  13. While I agree that spelling out names is generally best, the sort of person who doesn't know that TMBG is They Might Be Giants is probably not someone who will want to see the Johns onstage. I hope all's well with you two in Wisconsin and that you get to see them live soon.

  14. Lol, yep. It honestly never occurred to me that someone wouldn't know TMBG. And if they didn't... Well, this isn't the show for them.

  15. Is there any other country out there in 2023 actively colonizing other people’s land?

  16. Morocco in Western Sahara. Russia in many places.

  17. GPS isn't affected by Starlink and wasn't created by astronomers. In fact Starlink may be able to be used for global positioning.

  18. I didn't write that it was.

  19. In case you would like some inspiration from a classic project:

  20. Don’t get me wrong, css has a lot of uses and is incredibly powerful. I just think there are better, existing technologies for this purpose (such as the ones listed in the article). But I agree, css should work for this and it’s great that this was achieved with CSS !

  21. What would you use instead? SGML?

  22. So we can vote on this but you’re telling me since 2012 legal weed gets shut down every time? Go ahead downvote my shit but can’t buy alcohol or nicotine until 21 because they are “life altering” but injecting hormones isn’t? I don’t give a fuck what anyone does but shit let kids buy alcohol too

  23. Those drugs are only bad for your health. It is not true that transgender health best practices are only bad for your health.

  24. This is the photo inverse of Kristen Bell meeting a sloth:

  25. Crap, I have only been a member for 50 years. I salute you.

  26. I have written an email to David every day for the past 43 years threatening to cancel my membership if he does not stop with his socialist lies. I'm getting very close to finally doing it.

  27. Interesting. Where did this slang originate?

  28. And this ignorant American learned a little something more about his homeland today. Merci.

  29. There's 300 years of copyright law on the side of the publishers so there's basically no way they can lose lest the entirety of the court system collectively decide to change their interpretation of the entire intellectual property regime.

  30. Correct: I'm not suggesting that we somehow know that Romanian was not written down prior to 1521. Either way, there is not a large body of Romanian text, so its prestige as a language of culture and education is going to be far smaller than French, Italian, Spanish, and to a lesser degree, Portuguese.

  31. https://www.utilitydive.com/news/aes-indiana-petersburg-coal-plant-gas-resource-plan-irp/635551/

  32. Relevant Hacker News thread:

  33. There are nowhere near millions of casualties from the Iraq War.

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