1. Come Away with Me has vastly outsold that.

  2. Tell it to everybody else. E.g.

  3. The office is not an inappropriate tv show.

  4. Did you read the article?

  5. Yes it’s a shame that it would not be made the same way if it were out today

  6. "Subreddit names and user names are limited to 20 characters (OK, so for subs it's actually 21...) Submit subs that amusingly hit the limit (perhaps by leaving out a character), posts that try to link to a sub that is waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy too long, or other examples (usernames, road signs, etc) of amusing or interesting character limits."

  7. says the person not paying attention to the literal sub description; no abuse here either, calling someone an idiot is hardly an insult, let's be honest - and on the topic of being honest, no making stuff up from my side either, i copied the entire thing directly from the About page

  8. We would get to see a lot of "news" organizations get their ass handed to them financially.

  9. Why did you use scare quotes?

  10. Because 80% of the shit that is going to get caught up in this isn't even remotely news and depends on the traffic from Facebook and others.

  11. Some more local coverage:

  12. What in the world are you talking about?

  13. Make sure to use different Invidious instances to reduce load on any one of them:

  14. Right now? They'd want to have the cake and eat the cake.

  15. They always have, hence they made themselves energy dependent on Russia. Europe had a fundamentally stupid and insecure energy policy for decades and the fact that they didn't have an extreme about-face in 2014 shows how short-sighted their self-interest can be.

  16. You can't throw everyone in the same basket. Some countries were making huge moves to cut that reliance as much as possible. While others tend to do the opposite. While for Americans it's just "Europe". There's no "Europe" in this sense.

  17. And yet, you were just talking about a single Europe two comments ago.

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