1. Shamil lost his dagestani card a while ago brother

  2. I agree with most of the points mentioned here after using Drogba and Makelele for sometime.

  3. Goal poachers work better in 1cf formations in my experience.

  4. good formation for possession gameplay...somethings i feel the midfielders are so close they barge into each other..i currently use this for my mai team, but i play a false 9 with it with Zico at SS...

  5. How do you play possesion? And how your squad looks like

  6. Appreciate bro im new to this possesion so any tips are welcomed

  7. Well PES21 was only selling PES20 Iconics there. And eF is now selling PES21 iconics.

  8. Probably yeah but good thing alot of epics arent even that much better than old ims so if they decide to release all of them you could still play with your favorite legends.

  9. why does everyone throws around the word "underrated" like it means nothing these days?

  10. Plenty of people from the free pack got him but are not really giving him a chance thinking he sucks.

  11. I swear this guy is so good.makes better runs than my mbappe

  12. He so reliable he rarely misses and his both feet finish with deadly accuracy. The perfect striker for me.

  13. 99 is no difference imo 98 as well not

  14. The reason people struggle is cause you're used to quick counter playstyle. You need to be good with possession style to do good with him. He's good with dribbling but again you need to be able to create attacks and give him the in the right spots near the box. He shields the ball well as mentioned in another comment and he's pretty clinical when he shoots.

  15. Thanks for the tips and you're right the quick counter isnt really my style i just used it because everybody does, i bought in to the hype. What do you think about that build i posted above is it valid?

  16. Don’t use the points on aerial, hes not tall enough for it to be worth it. Up the lower body strength more instead because his shot becomes really unstoppable w high kicking power.

  17. I already did use the points unfortunately but i dont mind this build is pretty good

  18. Personally I don't think it's a skill issue and what you said is true. There are just certain glitches and gameplay mechanics in the game that make it difficult to enjoy. Players with high dribbling yet have a horrendous first touch, inaccurate passes to clearly obvious (and open) players, inconsistent pass weight, etc. there's a ton of stuff that makes the game feel like shit, so I feel your pain!

  19. Yeah and it frustrates me that konami delayed this game for almost 2 years and it still has these obvious flaws and glitches.

  20. Tai has no chin left, he gets flash ko'd again and again

  21. Why are idiots paying for this shit? Absolute cattle, if people would just stream it they would have to bring the price down it’s such a slap in the face to the idiots buying the PPV but then again they deserve it 🐑 🐑

  22. If people want to pay 70$ for ppv and have the money for it let them pay. Without them there would not be ufc. There would be no bouts nothing , it would cease to exist.

  23. Ufc could make more money if they get it on public television like in many European companies, the PPV system is bad for the ufc and consumers

  24. Perhaps , i dont know, im not a expert on the benefits of ppv or public tv contracts. Im just saying we are directly benefitting from those who buy ppvs as an "non ppv buyers".

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