1. illustrious is right: because she is retiring! I’m having difficulty updating the post. So sorry!

  2. I was hoping that was the case - that “in the field” meant “as a working dog”, rather than “last day outside”

  3. Ladyships is correct. Shark meat, sold as “flake” was extremely common in humble fish’n’chips throughout Australia and New Zealand for ages. Less so now, but a LOT of Aussies have eaten shark at some point (quite possibly unaware of the fact)

  4. … complicated. For… reasons, every single human on earth was isekai’d to various otherworlds. Except one.

  5. Congrats! I spruiked it over on the LitRPG Facebook page too.

  6. With most of the introductions over with, i roam about the house till its time for me to go.

  7. She shouldn't have hunted alone at night. It may have taken you years to find her, but even a soundproofed room can't hide her scent forever...

  8. Yeah the crazy one for me is that it turned off mount animations as well I don’t know why but I just wasn’t expecting it

  9. I have a pair of macros to toggle it on and off easily. I only turn it off for 8-man and higher

  10. Its technically not a death world if the home spiecies isn't actively struggling with the environment, but human tribalism means that humans are constantly getting into schisms with each other even in the space age. It is through fighting that the high ranking deathworlders took notice.

  11. Ooh, that’s an interesting concept. So in MMO terms, Deathworlders are top-tier raiders, and they look at humanity’s Raider IO score and scoff… and then they find out that humanity are actually Grand Warlord-level PvP maniacs, instead?

  12. Seriously, do they think *we* don't *also* know it's our weak point?

  13. Also, you don't "fire" a bow. It's not a firearm. You nock an arrow, draw, and then you loose it.

  14. Yes, and even if you accept that the use of fire has spread sideways from firearms in modern English, it would make zero sense for that to have happened in a pre-firearms world

  15. This reminds me - if you are trying to shoot something, the max distance you can see, with the curvature of earth is like max 30km - not 200km 😂

  16. Tower of Somnus is the closest thing that comes to mind, and it's a great series. The real world in it is very cyberpunk / shadowrun, with big megacorps running the world in the near future, and with people making heavy use of augmentation and implants. Humanity is approached by the galactic coalition of aliens, who find humanity not ready to join the wider universe, but gives humanity access to a game played by the various races of the universe in hopes that it will expose humanity to the greater universe and encourage them along the right path and prepare them to join eventually. The "game" is a fantasy mmo essentially with leveling, dungeons, etc. Humanity eventually learns that being a "player" has the side benefit of giving a portion of their in-game abilities to them in real life - increased physical abilities, magic, etc. It's one of my favorite series.

  17. Tower of Somnus is definitely the closest I've read. There's lots of other cyberpunk and corporate dystopian settings, but Tower of Somnus has the added element of magic and psions, plus we get to actually see the duality of the corporate vs the underbelly/samurai existences. Plus the emphasis on hacking and information warfare. Very clear the author was heavily influenced, and has produced an excellent adaptation.

  18. are you for real? did you just say that english and american are different languages?

  19. american english and english english arent different languages, just dialects. Like saying kiwis and aussies speak different languages

  20. The difference between languages and dialects is not so clear cut

  21. For the eugenics argument i can accept that a hypothetically perfect implementation would not have this issue. You could use the sterilization to prevent unwanted pregnancies and then you get the license after a short free course with no test at the end. That way there is little space for abuse by authorities and the people need to actually choose to have kids and get a bit of preparation. But any financial or cognitive requirements are just wildly unethical.

  22. What I'm seeing here is not so much a "license to have kids", but a situation where all children are *deliberate and desired*. No accidents, no unintentional children, no children of rape, incest, one-night stands, or "forgotten birth control" (on behalf of either sex).

  23. That movie predicted the future really well. As for the sterilization i think that should apply to guys that have several kids from different women and pay no child support for them. If they keep bringing kids to this world and refuse to support them then they should be sterilized.

  24. Similarly, women who have children by multiple men and can't support them properly herself.

  25. Just be aware that the MC *appears* super-pathetic for the first few chapters. The *very rapidly* changes when he gets the "fantastic" idea that the manhwa draws its name from.

  26. America is q dystopia lmfao. Imagine selling your body just to be able to get an education. What a shithole.

  27. It’d have to be a pretty big dress to fit both of them…

  28. Oh hell yeah. This arc was brutal, and magnificent, and hit the reader emotionally like a semi going 75 on a dark night…

  29. I think they said make a suitable ending not make the ending better

  30. I stand by "better" (in the sense of "well-written and satisfying"), Doesn't mean the same as "happy"

  31. However, it wouldn't have sounded so bad if she said she only had sex once a week.

  32. “Only had sex once a week” is very different to “Had sex with a different guy every week”

  33. Jobbers are character that exist for the purpose of losing to make other characters look good. Typically they'll have a reputation as super powerful and unbeatable, and then they'll lose to the character you want to hype up.

  34. I levelled everything. I used to main SMN hard, but I tried Reaper and I fell completely in love with the play style. The resource build/spend cycle took a bit to get my head around (you use three abilities to build a resource that lets you use an ability which unlocks two other abilities which build your second resource…), but the rotation flows really smoothly, and the AoE rotation is also super smooth because it also follows through the exact same phases as the single-target rotation.

  35. Tower of Somnus had a very interesting approach. The world setting is that the alien council made first contact with Earth in order to evaluate humanity for membership. And humanity failed dismally.

  36. One I recently came across that, at least as far as I've seen, is very original in it's system is called

  37. This author has some excellent other series, I highly recommend both Blessed Time and Tower of Somnus if you want fresh and interesting approaches to LitRPG.

  38. Tumblr… my god, you don’t even recognise the name one of the fundamental logical fallacies.

  39. We are talking about a fantasy game, not real life. The rules are different. For one: reincarnation is real, though not in the way the Dotharl believe. Two: souls are real, verifiable things. Three: we know very little about the Hotgo tribe beyond Mide. I doubt they were just chilling when the Dotharl decided to kill them all, as the Dotharl cherish battle, not killing.

  40. How did you find this? I really want to see a normal video/article about it but I can’t find anything and it seems like OP pulled the title out of thin air

  41. I had a quick look around, you may have more luck searching under the term “Seer Tsokhikh”. Most of the articles I’ve found are in Russian, though (I think? I don’t speak Russian…)

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