1. That’s an expensive loss. I’m just surprised a 737 could crash on natural terrain and the flight crew survived.

  2. And I was just listening to God Awful Movies a little while ago.

  3. Nowadays, Captain America using a gun would make more sense tbh

  4. Try the original “The Ultimates” from the early 2000s, which was an alternate universe “grittier”reboot of the Avengers (and also the inspiration for bits and pieces of the movies).

  5. it simply isn't worth it - in fact, us citizens must ask themselves a question: why would they continue this pointless war and support a former comedian who has an inflated ego and appears only in a khaki-colored t-shirt with other presidents?

  6. coz you know, during the war, the economy of one side is being wrecked, so the country is being sent to the bronze age; the fact is: russia lost more for obvious reasons: a) minus rep, b) -several 100k (yeah, we love hating a country that fights with its neighbor, so we are going to israel, that does the same stuff; i don't get why some say that there ones who left should be treated with the same amount of respect when they return: they left the country, insulted it and came back? what a joke), and c) sanctions (depends on the company)

  7. Great so make sure you write about it and blast it out all over the internet

  8. A couple years ago I would’ve agreed, but now …It’s not as obscure as urban visitors like to pretend anyways, and more importantly is about 40% burned after the Dixie Fire. What survived is largely the already tourist-infested west end with a highway running through it.

  9. Between pulling out of the driveway and pulling into the parking lot … maybe 45-60 seconds. I’ve never exactly timed it.

  10. Because there’s a very good chance I’m combining it with going to other places, or am buying more than I feel like carrying, along with weather considerations. Or even just economy of time if none of the others apply.

  11. What those pictures don't show you is that flights were ten times more expensive than their equivalent today, and less than half the speed.

  12. I tried, I really did, but Pynchon is just so obsessed with beating you over the head with “Lolomg aren’t these characters and their adventures just so zany and quirky! Quirky, dammit, look how QUIRKY they are!”

  13. I don't know what they were smoking when they made that decision. Of all the sports that won't take off here, cricket's at the top of the list.

  14. You gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket.

  15. Reminds me of a part in a book I read. There was this Canadian soldier on the Italian front in ww2 who had his men’s foxholes marked on a notepad. Every time he would hear a shell incoming he would mark down where he thought it would land. One day he heard it and marked one of his men’s positions. When he got out to check the shell had obliterated their position. It’s a terrible thing these people had to put up with them and still do now.

  16. The first thing that came to mind. The end drags on unbelievably long. Frankly a terrible movie.

  17. I have no idea how it received such high accolades- it was mediocre, and only notable for its A-list cast.

  18. They were trying to replicate the success of the invasion of Czech Slovakia back during the Soviet Union. They immediately seized the airfield and invaded the capital in a surgical.

  19. The plan actually resembles the 40th Army’s initial invasion of Afghanistan more, which was probably the inspiration, given Putin’s obsession with unfinished Soviet business.

  20. You’ll be really warm for the rest of your life.

  21. I hope everyone got their Vault-Tec applications in...

  22. Hmmm, they assigned me to one near Las Vegas - boy, that must mean it’s gonna be a real party!

  23. I never thought WW3 would start with balloons but atleast it's something different

  24. Then why the hell are we sending BILLIONS in armaments to UKRAINE???

  25. ‘No clue why’ yet you haven’t consumed any information about it whatsoever other than what tv and a few centrist or liberal instagram pages are saying

  26. Now give us a nice long description of what you think of Russia. Go into some serious detail.

  27. Ah yeah the ‘you must love russia’ defence

  28. There it is. 10% vaguely condemning Russia, 90% a rant about how bad Ukraine is.

  29. Woodward should lose this case. Yellow journalist scum.

  30. It's gonna get laughed out of court, just like everything Trump does, since courts tend to have people who actually understand how the law works. Unlike Trump.

  31. Just admit you’re pro-Russian and don’t care about Ukrainian lives.

  32. That would be part of the baseline mortality rate.

  33. Have you heard of "Black Out" day at parks? where it's Black only allowed in the park......

  34. This seems to be exactly what the current American Government is against.

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