1. Storm might as well be messing with the weather on the beach. Hopefully she doesn't ruin the beach resort with inclement weather.

  2. Fire Emblem Engage is more of a comedic and lighthearted take on the classic Fire Emblem games, and is meant to be a tribute to the Fire Emblem series itself. While the plot and character writing surely does deserve criticism, the point is to present an interesting, humorous, and quirky twist on the standard and clichéd Fire Emblem plot, a respite from the more serious and complex Fire Emblem games that we've had recently like Three Houses. It's not supposed to be everyone's cup of tea, and that's okay.

  3. She got the exact same kind of outfit as her male counterpart, unlike Corrin.

  4. Context: Arvis wields a fire magic tome that once belonged to Fjalar, one of the 12 crusaders of Jugdral in Genealogy of the Holy War, and is also a descendant of Fjalar himself. And yes, Fjalar is also the name of the one of the dwarves that murdered Kvasir and used his blood to brew the mead of poetry in Norse mythology.

  5. To clarify, Chaos, the final boss of the very first Final Fantasy game, is actually Garland, the first boss of that game. Similar to how Gullveig and Kvasir are one and the same.

  6. How fitting that she has the word "author" in her name, since it goes perfectly well with her role as a mother goddess. And she looks absolutely gorgeous.

  7. The number 144 might as well be really important for any culture using a base-12 number system.

  8. I find myself to be very captivated by Chloé, since she's not just really beautiful and charming, but also has such a loyal and graceful demeanor. I love how she's so romantic and appreciative of fascinating stories and exotic food, things that I personally have quite an interest in.

  9. Ivy. Initially I was dismissive of her character cause she tried acting like a typical mysterious and broody dark mage type, but then she turned out to be a complete and total lovable dork.

  10. She's such a wholesome Alear simp behind her dark, seductive appearance. And she looks very elegant and dignified as well.

  11. That's pretty much how Ukraine got its name, from a Slavic word meaning "borderland."

  12. It's similar to the Ryder siblings in Mass Effect Andromeda, where you can choose one gender of the player character and the other gender version is still in the game, but as an NPC.

  13. Artemis and Athena's Duo Boon, Deadly Revesal, is very synergistic and powerful, granting a brief opportunity to cause major damage with critical hits after deflecting an attack.

  14. Agnea's theme sounds a lot like a joyous folk song, which is fitting for someone who grew up in an idyllic rural village in the countryside like her.

  15. I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

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