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  1. I don't care they do to my body when I'm dead. Bury me, cremate me, dump me in the garbage. Sell me to research or some weird necrophiliac cult. I'm dead, I won't mind.

  2. I want to lie in a glass coffin and I should go on a lit de parade through the city I live in on a cart pulled by a horse. Hundreds of people will be like: “Who the f*** is that?” It would be an amazing ending.

  3. Honestly I think part of the problem is that modern tycoon games just don’t end. Ultimately nothing can be kept interesting indefinitely. In that sense it feels like Frostpunk was onto something where the game (at least in its default mode) ends after a finite time.

  4. I’m currently working on a tycoon game. Our idea to know to avoid this phenomenon is to create fluctuating markets, where their preferences change over time. On top of that there is a very distinct element of randomness to your end product that you’re going to sell (which is also how it works in this business IRL).

  5. The best part of that scenario is the person talking to you, who is not really aware how drunk you are.

  6. Hmm I don't know, I think my brains spilling out of my freshly cracked cranium would look sick, no?

  7. When there’s cake and I’m the first one taking a piece, I always troll anybody else by carving a piece in the middle in some weird shape. It just screws with their mind.

  8. Hvis der er tale om ruteomlægninger, bør der tænkes i en busrute, der kører fra Aalborg Øst, via. Vejgaard og til City Syd.

  9. It really depends on the type of game you're doing. A highly replayable roguelike with lots of content might benefit a lot from a demo (see

  10. I'm really not enough an expert in the domain to have a relevant opinion on the matter ^^' I guess a demo with a limited game time could work?

  11. That is also what we’re working on. It was just in case you are the one guru in this field.

  12. Find any album by Spurv. They’re making post-rock, and it’s simply very high quality.

  13. To me, gaming with friends - especially when you actually meet up in person is 100 % fine and is an activity that is equally good as playing board games. This way you add a in-person social element to your gaming and then it's 1.000 times better than sitting by yourself.

  14. Du bliver betalt efter hvor let du er at erstatte. Både som ansat til den funktion du har, men også som kollega. Husk det.

  15. Det passer ikke helt på uddannede humanister og f.eks. folkeskolelærere og sygeplejersker.

  16. As for movies, I generally avoid the big titles and so-called blockbusters you find in the biggest movie theaters. I much prefer seeing movies in our local independent movie theater. As a member of the international organization Europa Cinemas they get support to show more narrow movies. These movies are often much more interesting and of much higher quality.

  17. Du skal være glad for at det kræver en ekstra MitID godkendelse at overføre penge fra din konto.

  18. Jeg ved godt, at det er af sikkerhedshensyn og netop i disse tider med alle de internet-fuskere, der lurer rundt omkring ER den her slags nødvendigt. Men selvom det er en nødvendighed og på (næsten) alle måder et gode er det stadig noget frustrerende, at skulle logge ind gentagende gange det samme sted før at jeg kan komme i gang med det jeg egentlig skal i gang med.

  19. OP kunne være i dagpengesystemet hvor OPs kommune hele tiden sender tilbud gennem eboks. 😂 Da jeg var ledig skulle jeg bruge MitID flere gange om dagen. Så var det ind på e-Boks, på jobnet, selvbetjeningen hos sin akasse, oops man var lige inaktiv et øjeblik på jobnet, så man skal lige logge på igen osv.

  20. Sometimes I wished I could sleep earlier than midnight but it's really hard to do when your main passions involve staying in front of a computer screen.

  21. Just because it's a passion doesn't mean you have to do it too much, and especially not at those late hours. Turn off all screens an hour before going to bed and do something else.

  22. Any tips how to sleep earlier? I have problems to sleep at 11 pm

  23. Don't use screens for the last hour before going to bed. The blueish light will tell your brain, that it's in the middle of the day.

  24. My favorite are also the horses. If you can get them on or behind lines, they can shred your opponent apart.

  25. That's true, but the more the game goes on, the more the board opens up, and an open board is really good for bishops.

  26. A bishop duo is my favorite setup. That way they cover so much space that they can become truly hard to beat.

  27. Hooligans, absurde lønninger, spillere (fx Bendter) der opfører sig som om loven ikke gælder for dem, korruption, forfærdelige brancheorganisationer og nu en turnering der afholdes under forhold bygget af slaver hvor det er forbudt for folk at elske andre mennesker af samme køn. Det er efterhånden svært for mig at se det smukke ved fodbold..

  28. Corporations will spend trillions to create and/or sponsor addiction. It's easy and profitable to control an addict. They are constantly unhappy and willing to pay more and more for their drug of choice. And in modern society with abundance of food, entertainment, drugs and people... addiction can be found in places and behaviours you never thought possible.

  29. Har selv haft samme ide dog i dagstimerne. Tror det ville være et hit der holder !

  30. Til det formål findes der efterhånden nogle deciderede smørrebrødsrestauranter. Det er dog et sid-ned, restaurant koncept med pæn dug og sådan noget. Hos Henius er et godt sted til den slags.

  31. Why was the school fined? When reading the description of what happened, it was simply the student, that didn’t follow the instructions they were given by their teacher.

  32. Listen to podcasts or music and stare out the window. It's ok and might actually be beneficial for you to try not to be actively doing something. It may help you break a compulsion to be always distracting yourself with games.

  33. I would like to highlight the thing where you do absolutely nothing but stare out the window, and just let your thoughts wander off.

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