1. it really depends on your relationship with him, if he’s tripped before, and if you guys have tripped together.

  2. ohh i didn’t realize what phishing out was i guess. I have heard people say fishing out when someone just goes limp and disconnects from reality. i kinda fuck with your method too. there is something nice about being high on nitrous in a way where it’s connected to reality. but I rly like forgetting i’m a human and i’m this object flinging through the stars for infinity

  3. Think faint would a better terminology?

  4. no I rly prefer “get high as fuck”. what does faint mean to you?

  5. He is sexist, he is misogynistic, he is a bad person.

  6. honestly i didn’t think he was a sexist either cuz i only seen clips of him that pop up on social media but after reading that he definitely is a sexist lol. but idk i think he can be pretty funny and i dont rly hate him for having his views.i don’t have to automatically hate him just cuz I don’t agree with him

  7. His views actively harm others and promote the dehumanizing of women to a large impressionable audience of younger people.

  8. I’m not gonna comment on the trafficking shit cuz i don’t know what’s true and what’s not so let’s avoid that. But i’m not ignorant to what his fans might do, I just think people should be able to speak freely and what other people do is on them. kanye should be able to speak freely and if people are anti semtic bc of it it’s their fault not his for example

  9. Their dads used to play chess together, he's probably holding off on 'innocent until proven guilty' because of that

  10. Hikaru has actually played emory tate it’s on youtube

  11. Last night, three thirty in the morning, Death on my front porch Can feel him itching to take me with him, hail Death, fuck you waiting for? Like a question no one mention, he turns around, hands me his weapon He slurs, "use at your discretion, it's been a pleasure, Stefan" Head-on like dead, on like grey Death in your way, not in my way, I got my way I was in my way, crept out my way, kept out my way I'm on one like bae you're on your way, way, way, way

  12. I live down the street from you’ve noticed me i’ve never seen you. wonder what the fuck I do. listen up you nosey bietch. listen close. my most recent purchase: old black rope. gonna learn how to tie it, hang it in my chamber, perfect reminder, occult i’m made of, come try it out whenever you whannnaaa.

  13. it would take the horniest meth head in the universe tbh so she’s probably chillin

  14. the chances that fent are in his coke are wayyyy less than 1%. idk why everyone assumes this is a common occurrence nowadays.

  15. Exactly, I remember getting fent in my blow one time, only happened once in my life, best day ever 🙌

  16. for real i’m praying i get it one day. nothing beats free fent

  17. No they will not cause permanent psychological issues. Experiencing ego death isn’t a psychological issue. Experiencing ego death only causes issues if you have issues with not existing.

  18. for one you have to think about the society we live in and how incompatible it is with the psychedelic experience. and yes they very much can cause permanent psychological issues such as anxiety and panic attacks, depressive nihilism, schizophrenia, and basically every mental illness under the sun.

  19. It will only causes issues if you have issues with not existing. What you are describing are the symptoms associated with someone struggling with not existing.

  20. yeah i see what you’re getting at. but there’s people that have panic attacks and shit after taking psychedelics that wouldn’t have had them otherwise. and yeah those panic attacks are definitely related to existence itself and not psychedelics. but in a way they were “caused” by taking psychedelics.

  21. i must be batshit insane but I fuck with his philosophy

  22. Yes, you are. Desexualizing nudity and having kids not be ashamed of their bodies is fine, but fucking in front of them and letting them play with your genitals is straight up abuse.

  23. but like the way I see it: we’re animals like we’re deadass monkeys. sex and nudity are a natural part of the world that society has stigmatized for some reason. i don’t see why hiding your kids from that is a good thing. you know fucking his mother in front of him isn’t rly weird it’s how he was created. a penis is rly no different than an arm, so letting him play with it is like letting him play with your hand. but like idk it doesn’t seem like abuse to me

  24. Hydromorphone (dilaudid) is the best opiate. Ppl sleep on it fr. But it's 100% my favorite. Not even close. I've done all pain pills too btw. As well as h and fetty

  25. i’ve done hydromorphone by this point and yeah it’s fucking amazing. I snorted it cuz i’m not trying to ever inject opiates but I bet IV is god tier.

  26. Idk, I feel most psychotic when I'm WDing from kratom. If I trip a psychedelics while WDing from kratom, it's almost guaranteed psychosis. With kratom, there's no chance, it brings me back down to earth

  27. yeah I agree I get manic when I’m off kratom sometimes and kratom brings me back to normal

  28. I spent years studying the game in China and I have never seen this position before.

  29. I can't imagine something more beautiful than having sex with someone that you deeply love on acid

  30. I think that would be the best moment of my entire life if that ever happened

  31. Last time I tripped acid I was snuck closing my eyes witnessing this fractal pattern of titties and "drama masks" ( you know the happy and frowny face)

  32. one time I was tripping pretty hard and started seeing women orgasming faces in the walls, the floor, wood grain, the sky. I could practically control it. my eyes could look anywhere and my mind would create the pattern out of it

  33. honestly why would you give a fuck. I wouldn’t want to date someone who thinks like that anyways

  34. bro castling and en passant are literally meme moves 😂

  35. I disapprove of these. And I guarantee if you trip on these the entities you meet will too if you take them lightly. Of any drug I’ve taken this is the one that needs to be treated like a sacrament the most. If you take this look up the temperature on decarboxylation of ibotenic and hold these there a good while. Then if you are hardcore like me you pee right before you eat them then after you eat then you drink your own pee. Books of religious or psychedelic art, chanting music, a vibrator, water are good accessories.

  36. i think you’re drinking your pee in the wrong order bro 💀

  37. What exactly is our role in nature anyway? And why is it necessary? It appears as though we've only ever done harm to the planet.

  38. even fire has an important role man. it’s hard to see from inside the bubble but humans have a crucial role in the way things work. we are evolution, everything we do and create is evolution. all part of the natural process some might call god.

  39. Yeah definitely. Fire can be cleansing, and it creates opportunity for new life. It's an important feature in nature, especially if the land becomes toxic or unbalanced. Problem is, I can see us humans actively becoming the toxicity with our pollution and arrogance.

  40. imo we are already out of control. I don’t think anyones running the ship at this point. but I do think the dust of the human race will settle some day

  41. it does not feel like an opioid to me at all. i think it’s somewhat chemically related to morphine (completely talking out of my ass here). but to me it feels more like a trippy manic drunk feeling. kinda like a psychedelic mixed with a stimulant mixed with booze mixed with molly. it’s rly hard to explain but I’ve hear people describe it like being on every drug at once and I kinda agree with that. I’ve never done high doses tho

  42. I can’t believe it’s legal. It’s crazy how I just so easily but this stuff.

  43. yeah it‘a pretty crazy. not my favorite drug tho it has a lot of nasty side effects. I’d enjoy it more if it was a cleaner high.

  44. used to be a huge stoner now can’t even take a puff. opioids change you in so many ways

  45. yep it’s my opioid of choice if I don’t have access to anything else. gets me by well enough

  46. jesus dude you’re like 40 years old and this immature ? that makes me feel a lot better about my life

  47. i’d rather be like him than a cringe hater like you

  48. Same for me but with opioids. First time I took them I was like „This is what I‘ve always been missing, I feel whole now, a gap in my mind is closed“ That day I was doomed.. Good luck to you! I‘m glad we have social healthcare overhere in Germany btw.

  49. same. my whole life, all I ever wanted was to feel cozy and then I discovered the opioid which is just a coziness button

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