1. Does the $6000 include a custom lower TMJ splint? If yes that is less than what I am paying.

  2. You say "mouth guard". I'm not aware of mouth guards doing anything for TMJ. Sure, they protect against bruxism. So if your cause initially was stress-related bruxism, mouth guards may stop future bruxism.

  3. Please tell me the downsides of a TMJ splint. I am getting one soon.

  4. I am on week two of my splint. Based on my readings at places like

  5. That is all great info! Thank you! I was also told that I may need to re cap some crowns or see an orthodontist when the splint is done doing it’s thing. I thought the intent of the splint is to change your bite and that having a bite that is incorrect is causing the TMJ pain. So glad you are feeling better after a short time. Now I have some hope that a splint is the right path to recovery.

  6. I would keep this duck instead of hiding it! So….when and what ship is your next cruise? 😄

  7. We are going on Celebrity in the fall. I wonder if this has been done on this cruise line? I have seen ducks on NCL.

  8. I'm learning to crochet ducks right now too so I can take them on a cruise and hide them. It's such a fun idea :) my issue is with the magic circle, I just need to get past that block.

  9. The magic circle is a bit tricky to master at first! When I finally I did I felt like I could do anything crochet!

  10. tbh I’d be delighted to find any of them! I agree with comments saying wings, they add a bit more of detail that I like. But smaller = more!! Ahh good luck with that decision lol. Is there a way to attach a note that’s like “take me home” ?bc there’s this part of me that would think its owner lost it if I stumbled upon it

  11. Found ducks on cruises typically have tags attached that say something like “You found me. Keep or hide you decide.” Plus the name of the person/family that hid the duck and where they live too.

  12. It would be nice to have the tag say, have a great day, have a wonderful day or blessed day. I would love to find that.

  13. Wow! Your color choices gave me some 70’s chills! In a good way!

  14. I love Bernat Velvet yarn! So soft!

  15. I’m sorry for the guy above me that it didn’t work. 😖 I had really bad tmd for 3 years and getting worse. After trying everything and every dr. I finally went to Lvi dentist and got my tmj orthotic. I’m in month 7. From about 20 symptoms I had. I only have one or two. Symptoms.. clogged crinkly ears and sometimes dizziness. I also had to get my tongue tie released, which is the main reason my jaw didn’t grow out to its potential. I will be going into expanders and then braces to re built the bite that the orthotic gives me. I’m really happy.

  16. I am getting my TMJ orthotic from my LVI dentist next week. Trying to be hopeful that the treatment will give me relief. Every day and every hour I experience horrendous pain. Next week can’t get here soon enough! Curious…how did you know to seek out a LVI dentist?

  17. I tried everything else, no one took me seriously. When I looked into Lvi tmj dentist. The description of the symptoms and pain they describe are there and exactly what I had. They actually believe you. Also my aunt previously worked for this dentist for quite sometime and told me to look into it. When I went in for the appointment. He had three employees plus his wife already finishing the treatment (phase 3) and they all swear he gave them there life back. When they mentioned they all had debilitating symptoms before treatment and the treatment helped, that gave me a lot of hope.

  18. I found my LVI dentist by chance. After I googled TMJ doctors he popped up as the closest. I went for a consultation and after some more research I feel like I am on the right path to recovery! I don’t understand how I consulted two different dentists they couldn’t point me in the right direction. It appears that most dentists don’t recognize all the symptoms associated with TMJ. Very frustrating!

  19. I suggest seeing a TMJ doctor. They can take a scan to determine if your jaw joints are compressed and then determine what treatment is needed.

  20. This week I was diagnosed with TMJ after I had a scan show that my lower jaw is back to far in the socket. I also have a burning numb mouth but the radiologist said there is no nerve compression. What does your facial sensations feel like? The treatment I will have will include a removable appliance on the bottom teeth (NOT a mouth guard you get from a dentist) to adjust my bite and PT. My suggestion is to find a TMJ doctor that can adjust your jaw/bite without surgery.

  21. Thanks for your comment! Yeah, I think the orthodontist I saw as a teenager might have messed up my bite which led to all this. Is the removable appliance like a splint that you wear all day?

  22. Yes. The appliance is removable and you wear it all day. It can be adjusted by the doctor as the jaw positions into the correct spot in the joint. I feel like my nerve pain is much worse when my jaw pain is elevated. My TMJ doctor does not believe that the burning and numbness is related to the incorrect bite though I am suspicious that maybe my nerves are somehow misfiring because of the TMJ. I don’t think I have trigeminal neuralgia either because I don’t have intense shocks of pain. Just the numb, tingle with a burning feeling.

  23. I definitely would wear the hell out of that! Lol!

  24. That is a spectacular idea! Maybe you could sell them on the down low at work for extra cash!!!…but maybe keeping an army of them on your apron is better than giving them up to random people.

  25. Just be patient and rest your hands frequently!

  26. I take the 12 PM class fasting from the night before dinner. Sometimes I feel so light and energized and sometimes a bit weak and shaky.

  27. Omg when they do "Sweet Caroline" at red Sox games holy shit , had to walk out in fear of dying of cringe

  28. When men wear flip flop sandals when they are not at the beach. I find that most men don’t take care of their feet.

  29. That’s so nice of you to say! I actually free handed the frog based off the owl pattern. I am thinking I could probably make another type of critter just not sure what is next!

  30. The owl is adorably derpy. Very talented of you to think outside the box, so to speak! Maybe a cat next? 🤔

  31. Oh yeah! I can already picture a cat being doable. Thanks for the suggestion!

  32. I got the OG covid 9 months AFTER BMS started. Having no taste or smell with intense burning was a real treat! I do think that I had some sort of virus at the time the BMS started suddenly (February, 2020) so maybe an autoimmune response to a virus?

  33. Thanks! I especially love how Piggy has flowers! Such a 70’s thing to put on a pig or just about anything!

  34. Wow! Just wow! Did you attach the squares with a stitch or did you sew them together? You may have inspired me to make a avocado cardigan.

  35. thank you!😊 i attached them together following this tutorial

  36. Oh thank you!!! My brain is now reeling with the thoughts of yarn and avocados!!!

  37. I first learned to crochet to keep my hands busy and prevent them from putting unnecessary calories in my mouth. So if you have the same motivation…then perhaps a color to correspond with the number of calories eaten or burned for the day?

  38. You are right. The first picture (with a spiral) is the outside. But you can use whichever you want, i dont think there is a dedicated right or wrong, but a usual and unusual way.

  39. I have only come across one pattern that calls for the wrong side to be on the outside. It was a cacti pattern so the finished look was intended to look fuzzy. Most patterns want the right side to be on the outside.

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