1. Along with usual, I add cHopped hard boiled eggs and sweet pickle relish.

  2. Peanut butter and crackers or apples or celery

  3. Dunbar Moving hands down - moved me twice, not a scratch and came in the lowest of all estimates. (631) 979-5258

  4. Looks delicious and then I went to look at the menu, and it only shows drinks :(

  5. Go to their facebook page, I believe they have a menu up there

  6. Found same on my small property while planting. It was an improvised drywell, empty as well.

  7. It didn't take much to open it, as it was rusted to shit. I just kind of pried the top with my hand shovel. It was about 10 ft from the foundation.

  8. Enough salt (which usually means more than the recipe states).

  9. I've been freezing themfor the past 8 yrs., with and without chocolate. They freeze great, even for 2 mos. no one can tell - taste and texture is exactly the same. After trying different methods, my go to is to buy a disposable tin with flat tin lid. Layer cookies and place a sheet of saran, or parchment, or foil between layers, as high as will fit (but make sure that you rest nothing on top of the pan in your freezer). To defrost, I use whatever I used to separate the layers in the pan, or you can lay out paper towels on your countertop, and lay the cookies out single layer. Just make sure it's a low humidity day. 15 mins. and they should be perfect.

  10. I don't roll mine as tightly and a they're not as tightly packed - 9 rolls in a 8x8 pan, x2 pans works for me.

  11. Do you have a recipe you would be willing to share? I grew up in New York and these were my favorite!! Now I live in Minnesota and sadly can't find them anywhere out here :( I've tried making them so many times using different recipes and they never come out very good

  12. Okay, you're good now, you're so welcome! I forgot my tweeks, lol!

  13. Same. Between COVID, politics and natural causes, sometimes I think it's just me.

  14. Nope, not just you. It's hard, plus being more or less set in your ways and having less energy as is my case, makes it seem impossible.

  15. Stay away from your old "friends"; they were never your friends. They could possibly be trying to lure you in only to wreck your life again. Enjoy your new life now, you deserve it.

  16. A few years ago I needed a specialty ricotta. I called and went everywhere that I could think of. Uncle Giuseppe's told me over the phone that they had it in stock, so I ran over and sure enough they didn't. I even went to another of their stores and came home empty handed. And then I found it. DiCarlo Food Distributors on Ocean Ave in Holtsville! They have a cash and carry store open to the public. Granted, I had to buy a 10lb bag, but it was totally worth it. It may work for you.

  17. PlNG says:

    The corn nuggets, man oh maaan, the corn nuggets were my jam.

  18. YES!!! The corn nugs were the draw for me. Pudgies has a close 2nd though that gets me through.

  19. Salt the water as you would pasta. Much better taste then adding it later while mashing.

  20. A set is for sale on Ebay for $32.40. Enter these search terms:

  21. Try Eastern Pavillion in Setauket, near intersection of Nicholl's Rd and 25A. We've been going there for years, and on holidays, too.

  22. Copy and paste these search terms: 14” DAKIN Plush Cream Teddy Bear Jointed Moveable Green Bow Vintage and enter into Ebay's search bar and tell me what you think. I would include the link, but my responses are removed when I do so!

  23. Sorry, I'll keep an eye out. :(

  24. Thanks a lot for your effort! But unfortunately this is the link to Alibaba which I also found. They require you to buy minimum 2000 units.

  25. I noticec that it said they'd sell a sample of 1 piece for $25, maybe try going that route?

  26. It's on Ebay (used), enter these search terms:

  27. Buy an unlocked used one on Ebay - there's one listed right now:

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