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  1. You have to torment a dog to get it to be this aggressive, it's sickening. My older dog recently passed and I've got a chihuahua-mix rescue now. He's just the sweetest thing. And that goes for everyone, although he does like to bark at the door.

  2. Leave it to redditors to just spout absolute bullshit for no reason lmao. I fucking hate this site. I have a chihuahua and she’s fine with me, but if anybody else touched her legs like in the video she would do the same. You’re a jackass.

  3. It's still pretty shitty a genuine scare like that will pump enough adrenaline into you that it takes like half an hour or longer to calm down sufficiently to continue with your day.

  4. You seem like the type of person to sue a company after they advertise a horror movie to you.

  5. "held back by switch hardware" mfs when i show them luigi's mansion 3, doom 2016, metroid dread, super mario odyssey, and bubsy 3d all running on nintendo switch flawlessly

  6. If it can run no man’s sky which literally has an entire universe in it, it should be able to run the cute monster collecting game.

  7. it would be weird lore wise. somebody clearly made them, so either humans went extinct much later than we thought because these are based on the modern life living on pnf 404, some humans are still left that made these, or there’s another intelligent life form on pnf-404 that we don’t know about thay constructed them.

  8. Just leave reddit alone. Do whatever you want. I finally found a nice place after so many years

  9. It's disappointing that dictionaries don't use the definition of the word as it was coined by the Vegan society, almost 70 years ago.

  10. Outsiders should always be able to define what a certain group is. The group itself is biased. I bet the kkk and nazis would define themselves as great groups striving for justice. The only way to get a true definition of a group is to let unbiased outsiders observe it and make a definition.

  11. What should I swap them out for? These are the only cards I really have leveled

  12. Inferno drag is good. Baby dragon not so much. I would swap it out for any 1 elixir card, maybe electro spirit because king tower activations don’t matter for mortar. And I would recommend switching fireball for rocket so that you can rocket cycle because mortar alone is just a secondary win condition, it can’t always win by itself.

  13. One read a good analogy once: for men it's like trying to find drinkable water in a desert, for women it's like trying to find drinkable water in a swamp.

  14. Big brain play would have been to rocket a bit away from the monk and then tornado there in case he used his ability.

  15. I know goblin hut isn’t good, but it’s literally the most unfun card to play against besides maybe furnace. Nobody wants a goblin hut buff. It’s fone being a shit card.

  16. A card being too big doesnt change they tried making it smaller and it looked bad and how tf champions affect something being too big

  17. I’ve been playing mortar for a while, bur recently like half of my opponents have been using golem beatdown. It’s insane.

  18. Op don’t let these pranksters gaslight you. Squid staple has always been in the game, it’s my favorite sub too.

  19. Am I the only one who thinks that Reefslider is actually a pretty good special?

  20. It’s objectively bad against experienced players, but if you’re having fun with it then don’t let anybody stop you.

  21. …you need a direct line of sight to hit them with it unless you hit a bouncing trickshot, but that’s incredibly rare. If you already see your opponent, what’s the point of tracking them?

  22. I am still not sure why all the hate for Clash. The range, ink drain, and movement penalty do a pretty good job of balancing the weapon.

  23. It’s horrible. It’s so easy to beat, all you have to do is stand your ground and shoot back, if you try to run you’ll die. I don’t mind playing against it because it’s easy to beat, I just think that its users eat crayons.

  24. fuck man, that splat pro has such a good kit

  25. Unpopular opinion: Forge splattershot pro with suction bomb and bubble blower was better. Synergy between main, sub, and special is more important than the individual strength of any of the 3.

  26. Jesus Christ they put extra effort into ruining every stage they add. It would be easier to release original versions of splatoon 1 stages, but they literally pay employees to remove fun and unique parts of every stage for no reason.

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