1. Thank you 🥰 got it from a a UK site called everything5pounds

  2. Dam what a shame I would have love something like that do u have and image of the dress from the front

  3. Cute as always miss seeing outfit pics

  4. why not love to tease it right over you rubing my dick along the crack

  5. Lol the funny part is that ever with facial hair at this point fin will just look like a girl with a beard 🤣

  6. Lol sorry to tell u love but your to far gone there's no going back

  7. It does suck but not all gaming communities are like that from my experience only fps have to issues. I normally play mobas mmos and rpgs and there's girls all over all over chat Lol so I never encounter any issues there

  8. Hun u do realize this applies to any one remotely feminine I know u r just seeing it but as a trans women it have been there the whole time and when u speak to any women they will all tell u the same

  9. The only advice I give u as a trans women my self is only transition if that's what u want don't do it becuase men will like u or to just be more sociable acceptable. Is ok to be a fem boy a keep your body the way u have it the only guarantee change is the way u gain weight but changes like breast grow if it happens is not reversible or your fertility once u loose that u can't get it back so I sujest u take your time to find yourself first and only transition medically when nothing will make u happier than being a trans women

  10. Tbh I do think is jealousy hun before I transition I did cross dress and pretty much lived my life as a women without the hormones or identifying as a women yet hut becuase of what I look like my trans friends constaly express their jealousy and "hate" due to me passing without even transitioning is gonna be ok love just do u

  11. Fem boy or not hair length is not about being fem or mask there's plenty of men with long hair being a teen u should approach it that way they don't need to know everything else besides that u just want to.let your hair grow

  12. I aggree. I mean shit happenes to me before i even knew i was trans.

  13. As a trans women my self I understand and what I suggest is to learn to be assertive and learn self defense as it helps if u r ever in and unwanted situation normally works for me.when things get sticky

  14. Yeh, i sometimes cary a big boi police flashlight. Legal, you can blind people with the strobe fx l, and if all else fails its weighty enough to deliver sufficient bonk

  15. That's for me to know and for u to find out

  16. Sorry I'm late, but you deserve a big Meeeeeeooowwwwwwwww on this super Kitty pic. 🥰😍😘

  17. I'd love to find you in my trick or treat bag!

  18. What a great costume. Best Harley Quinn I’ve seen. You are killing it

  19. Wow you pull it of so nice looking good cutie

  20. Lmao I feel the same way Ivl everything every expansion and than I'm like idk what is there to do

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