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The Right's Anti-Vaxxers Are Killing Republicans

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  • By - koavf

  1. Im surprised Israel haven't donated some Iron Dome protection given that Ukraine has a large Jewish population. Even their President is Jewish..

  2. The Iron Dome doesn't work on cruise missiles. It only works against primitive short range unguided rockets. Also, Russia's allies have thousands of rockets pointed at Israel so they need to be careful not to anger Russia too much, or many Israelis will die. Israel has sent non-lethal aid to Ukraine already, and voted against Russia at the UN.

  3. The Iron Dome works against cruise missiles.

  4. But wtf are we doing here? One of our own showed her ass, but the whole top half of this comment section is pretty much just us all still talking about republicans.

  5. I want to believe this. Did (edit :: the other Democrats on her council) just have no idea she was like this until now? Seems more like see no evil hear no evil until the public finds out. Then the sharks come out so they can fill the power void.

  6. Look, my heart goes out to anyone experiencing a mental health crisis. But let’s step away from that for a moment. Let’s just acknowledge that there are Republicans in the party who are openly racist and antisemitic and there is no pushback from the GOP.

  7. Or invest in decent public transit. Japan's been at it for quite a while and most people don't need to own a car to begin with.

  8. A used electric car isn't as cheap as it looks. They're basically powered by a bunch of cell phone batteries, and they don't last forever. We've got a volt in the shop right now that needs a $10k battery.

  9. While the politicians will do this, that's for sure, we'd be hurting other Americans who need this aid. That, plain and simple, would be wrong.

  10. They might need it but they don't want it. They're not "socialists", remember? They think they need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Let them. Let's spend more money where people want it to be spent instead.

  11. You're lumping in the people with their leaders. Are some of the people like this? Yes, but the majority were in favor of the things this article is talking about. Punishing the majority for the sins of the minority is a dick thing to do.

  12. The majority weren't in favor, that's why they voted for representatives who weren't in favor.

  13. If it is has the same 'made in China' quality as those abandoned buildings they are now demolishing, I doubt that swarm will be swarming for long.

  14. And here I thought some treaty said this was illegal.

  15. Sure...but the difference is that we already know that it will get worse under Bolsonaro. Because it already happend in his government.

  16. The more the media reports on it, the angrier people will get, which will put pressure on politicians.

  17. I predict Trump still won't be arrested even after her damning testimony. I don't know what it's going to take to get Trump arrested. Do we have to find a massive pile of dead bodies at Mar a Lago? Would that even do the trick? How many crimes does a billionaire have to commit for the DOJ to press charges and indict? For us peasants, it's only one. Just one crime and we would get prosecuted immediately.

  18. The economy is screwed mostly because the Fed waited too long to raise rates and Democrats did not set up enough regulations for PPP loans. Tons and tons of money was printed that went to people who didn’t need it and outright fraud. The Democrats have themselves to blame for this. Democrats were raging against Machcin, including myself. But he was the only Democrat who saw what was happening (that I’m aware of). Supply chain problems and the war in Ukraine have hurt the economy, too. But the main problem is poor fiscal policy.

  19. Electric vehicles will also help mitigate climate change and destroy the budgets of Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia. That's a huge bonus.

  20. But I was told that adding electric vehicles would completely cripple our power grid and that electric vehicles were going to doom us all.

  21. The fossil fuel industry and their allies (Russia and Saudi Arabia) are spreading a lot of propaganda to crush electric vehicles.

  22. Russian allies have thousands of rockets pointed at Israel, and they could start launching them if Putin orders it. Israel is in no position to anger Russia. Many Israelis will die if Putin orders his Middle Eastern terrorists to strike.

  23. Those terrorists who attack Israel also happen to be Russian allies. Abbas was even a KGB agent back in the day. It seems the entire Palestinian cause is a Russian/USSR project.

  24. Wait until he realises that zoroasters and Persians still exist they just go by Iran. Not the foreign name given to them by the Greeks

  25. Zoroastrians are still very much oppressed in Iran on account of their religious beliefs.

  26. And they were also conquered by the Caliphates so they were forced to become Muslim.

  27. I'm not surprised Putin is taking advantage of the situation to commit genocide. This is what fascists do. This is the kind of thing we can expect from all of Putin's extreme right wing allies in the West. They want to create the same kind of nazi state like Russia has.

  28. Nah. All of our interventions around the globe from 1945-1990 were a capitalist imperialist country ousting elected communists and socialists or simply crushing communist parties even if they weren’t in power using our fascist dictator that we installed and supported.

  29. Yes, really. Everywhere that fascism has come to power it has done so with the financial backing of capitalists.

  30. Where any political system came to power it has done so with the financial backing of capitalists. Capitalists are not all the same. There are good ones, bad ones, and meh ones. They can have different political beliefs.

  31. Giving the government another blank check sounds like a great idea! No way they’ll just piss it away like every other time.

  32. Nobody is giving the government a blank check. Laws passed by Congress dictate specifically where and how the money should be spent. You have no idea how any of this works. Stop posting nonsense.

  33. The sad thing is most of those people who got their homes destroyed are republicans who will continue stupidly voting for republicans despite the fact that the republican party has been sabotaging the government's efforts to deal with climate change for decades. The republican party is directly responsible for the deterioration of the planet's climate.

  34. As long as the regime doesn't promise to play nice with the U.S. in exchange for support.

  35. I voted for Bernie in the 2016 and 2020 primaries but you are very, very out of touch with this country if you think Bernie could’ve beaten Trump in a general election.

  36. Republican propaganda is used against all Democrats. It makes no difference who is running.

  37. Yeah I don’t think it’s included in the current definition of genocide but political ideology was definitely proposed as one factor in the original definition

  38. When Biden said these lunatics are a major threat to democracy, he was right. The fascists keep proving Biden right every day.

  39. It's amazing how self-unaware Republicans are. You have a shitty message and no plan but somehow your loss is someone else's fault. How ANYONE votes for you is a complete mystery.

  40. They know exactly what they're doing. They're lying on purpose. They're not unaware.

  41. Companies keep getting more oppressive and then they have the gall to complain why people don't want to work for them anymore. Management is full of morons. It seems morons get promoted into positions of power too often.

  42. They're collaborating to rip off the entire world at the gas station. Let's pull the rug out from under these evil regimes and buy electric cars. Let's make these evil regimes irrelevant and poor so that they are no longer a threat to civilization.

  43. The Iranian government needs to learn to bend before the whole thing breaks. It's called compromise. Reach one.

  44. Religious fundamentalists do not know how to compromise. The Iranian government will break and be overthrown. It's only a matter of time.

  45. Yes. We need businesses to join. Crashing the economy will make the revolution stronger and rob the IRI of funds.

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