1. Order to be delivered to the lobby. You wait in lobby with ID and cash tip if you didnt tip online.

  2. they usually have an option for dorm/dorm building & they usually have options for the address as the dorm’s name. Just put whatever instructions you want in the description.

  3. I giggled at the part 😭 because the joke is more about the irony of donations not about actual kids w cancer

  4. NTA block him IMMEDIATELY. Don't say no, don't explain why you are blocking him, just block him and move on with your life.

  5. Ok thank you sorry I didn’t respond quicker ❤️ Ty for your help

  6. You know, I say that so often, I'm actually disappointed that I failed to say it here.

  7. old people need to have their speaking and thinking rights taken away at a certain point

  8. nta. it’s your server. if someone is making people uncomfortable, you can remove them from it.

  9. i think it’s weird that her first instinct was to gasp so loud 💀 but nahh it’s also weird that he would make a lie like that

  10. NTA and girl best friend girlllll i would have avoided dat from the start

  11. I like it, would probably turn out better if the lines were bolder though:)

  12. Any tattoo artist can make it work though, just in its current form it’s too fine. The design is solid!

  13. Yes. YTA. You allowed your friend to rant about your gf to you and you’re writing it off as letting off steam, instead of actually defending your gf. But then you don’t let your gf rant about your friend? Ur friend does sound like a bitch and so you sound like an asshole bf.

  14. I think it’s weird asf that the ex posted that picture with that caption…. weird ASF…

  15. Check her incisors. Breaking one is just about the only serious thing that could come from a nose bonk. As long as she's acting like herself, anyway.

  16. The two front teeth on both the top and bottom

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