1. Where I am Tinder is terrible, Hinge is dead and Bumble gets good matches. I met my gf on Bumble and we’re doing great. The unfortunate truth is that you just have to download and try them all, and eventually you’ll find the one you don’t give up on opening (bleak etc)

  2. Oh, I know that Twinkie enjoys calling his fans retards at shows when he turns his back to the mic.

  3. He literally did a ‘Chinese people’ gag on stage the other day and was on TAFS, there’s no way he hasn’t made the jump to here

  4. I live in the area that’s supposed to get the next one from the Nankai Trough earthquake. The first time I saw the ‘tsunami evacuation route’ sign on a lamppost it was jarring but I don’t even think about it anymore.

  5. They’re probably just annoyed because they have to do some extra paperwork now.

  6. I knew there had to be a few more of you freaks here. I guess it makes sense that I’m not the only podcast listening nerd in Japan.

  7. I don’t feel strongly either way about this topic but including ‘the French’ in their list of ‘dehumanizing labels’ is a great bit

  8. A gallon of water would make me feel incredibly sick, especially before exercise. Just hydrate as you go, don’t force huge amounts of fluids into yourself unnecessarily.

  9. uc/ I own one. The multi flashing strobe function is good, pretty eye catching, but it’s too diffuse to be a single headlight in the dark. Not a bad solution for a second light if you want to save space on the bars.

  10. For me it’s like one drink has the potency of two. I limit myself to two drinks 99% of the time. Eating beforehand makes a much bigger difference now though.

  11. How does the pattern of spitting out incorrect facts point towards a lack of knowledge?

  12. Look at how the AI art things often give human hands the wrong number of fingers. If it had knowledge, it would know that it was drawing a hand and that a hand has 5 fingers, and it would get that right. As it is now, every time it draws a hand it’s just guessing from scratch what a hand looks like based on lots of images that include hands.

  13. I just cannot get my head around the fact that people have DM arguments on Reddit

  14. Idk maybe watch Maximum Overdrive and enter a state of deep paranoia

  15. Yeah they are pretty good. I did a terrible rainy season of commuting on these and they lasted around 1500km of very very hard use in heavy rain and traffic. Kinder to the braking surface than Shimano R55C4 too.

  16. Richard Wagner for sure. Reclusive self-obsessed weirdo who locked himself in his room for days and couldn’t function as a human being without an army of servants.

  17. I love the Schwalbe One in 20x1.1/8. I have 2500km puncture free on them on my Tern Surge Pro.

  18. I’m the dogsbody bilingual staff member at a large Japanese university. I got the job by being actually bilingual unlike almost every other white loser in this country. It pays fairly well and the working environment is pretty chill.

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