1. I was geographically raised in Sheffield but culturally my upbringing reflected the subaquatic communities of Atlantis - from weekly swimming lessons to the expectation that one would earn his fish and chips. This made me fisherman fearing, strong swimming and aquatic-creature-loving.

  2. Can you go to Azlan's for a kebab after a night out in Atlantis too?

  3. "opens door into bike lane" or "doesn't look before turning" aren't the bad stories, the real scary ones are when drivers look at their phones or something, drift into a bike lane and run over some poor unlucky guy. know a friend of a friend who got killed in the middle of of the day like that

  4. A guy close-passed me the other day while I was cycling and was weaving in the lane so bad that I thought he was drunk or two-handing a phone, when I pulled up next to him at the next set of lights I saw he was eating fried rice out of Tupperware with a fork. People should not be allowed to have cars, they are too fucking stupid.

  5. I loathe airports and being on long flights is very boring. The bit where they full throttle it to take off rules though.

  6. I know people who have met long-term SOs on dating apps, too. Hoping a better profile might help me this time.

  7. I met my previous gf irl in a cafe. I met my current gf, soon to be my fiancee if all goes well, on an app. If you have a brain and can actually talk to people it doesn't make that much difference. Best of luck to you.

  8. Nicky Wire and Richey Edwards were doing this in a genuinely transgressive way 30 years ago. In 2023 it's just passe. However this post is dumb.

  9. My ex girlfriend was really really into that. I went along with it but never got anything out of it. Sorry for stealing your valor king.

  10. Cross dressing was one of the great traditions of British indie music. See Nicky Wire etc. Real shame it died out.

  11. I'm a nonreligiouscel but sometimes after a busy day it's nice to templemaxx

  12. This is a perfectly reasonable reaction to having to ride a gr*vel bice. The husband who took to it so quickly needs those divorce papers served on him stat.

  13. All his films rule. Dolls and Hana-Bi made me cry like a baby.

  14. When disk Freds can't cope with the fact that I have 622mm disks

  15. I live in DC and let me tell you the worse option is people using it while on business trips. At least a tourist may want to do something fun, these people just want to cheat on their significant other in a hotel room.

  16. Going on a business trip to DC made me less horny than I've ever been in my life

  17. Yes apparently they'd put on their wedding clothes (including his tux) for anniversary sex lmfao

  18. 'vagina as fruit' imagery is one of my least favourite things

  19. Well, I like giving unethical advice on here, so you could try to see how thin you can get then take a bunch of photos so you can show people your skeleton later. It would be unsustainable without very disciplined effort anyways so it would be maybe a temporary problem you can eventually solve by eating more but you might do it for the novelty factor just to say you did it.

  20. Thoughts: the metro stations are cool, the food made me understand why Americans are fat, very expensive, people were less friendly than I imagined, lot of places stink of weed, odd feeling of tension in the air especially at night. It was an interesting experience.

  21. At night, go up the Kyoto Tower. In the day, go to Furukawa-cho shopping arcade, one of the best off the beaten track spots in Kyoto. The atmosphere with all the paper lanterns is so lovely.

  22. Getting GYOZA in Gion then gonna head for Kyoto tower

  23. This is literally an if you can't beat them join them situation. These two should be bump-drafting their way through Ottawa together.

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