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  1. It’s probably just your battery getting old. You’ll be surprised how much more quickly it fires up once you replace it.

  2. The documentary on him made me cry. Terry is what an actual ‘tortured artist’ looks like and I can’t imagine what hell it must have been to live with his thoughts every day. Rest in power king.

  3. I think it varies massively by area. Where I am Tinder has really fallen off, hinge is used exclusively by very boring people and Bumble is by far the best in terms of matches, conversation and dates. Your mileage will vary.

  4. There’s something truly goofy about the ones that still have the holes for the harness in the backrest, as if your gaming is going to be generating huge G force.

  5. None of them. Especially not from a Volvo dealer. Ask a good tire shop for some winter tires when you need them. All of these things are the dealer trying to squeeze some more money out of you before they have to let you go - you can get a better deal on any of this elsewhere.

  6. Phillips blue light lamp helped me feel a lot better on winter mornings when I was struggling with energy, I highly recommend it

  7. We got three nice meals every day, amazing snack selection, posh ass parties, but we had fuckin Peet’s coffee 🤮 .

  8. I always suspected people like this were on something to get through both the crazy hours and also to have the crazy self confidence to keep bullshitting for so long. I know sociopaths with crazy levels of self-delusion exist but I kind of assume that after a certain point you have to be zooted out of your skull to keep pushing something that’s destined to fail instead of bailing out and getting what you can from the bankruptcy.

  9. Andy Sipowicz if he hadn’t got sober in series 1 of NYPD Blue

  10. This is a better post than the zoomers on this sub deserve

  11. this is the actual rs gf ct bf archetype that people here want to pretend doesn’t exist

  12. This stuff is so weird and really seems to be an American thing. I went to university in the UK 2014-2018, doing a humanities degree in a pretty left wing university and I NEVER experienced anything like this, even when we covered things that included very controversial material. Everyone just took it seriously.

  13. Yeah your gearbox oil should be changed every 50,000 miles. But get it done at a proper transmission shop.

  14. Loved my P2 V70 so much. Most comfortable seats in the world.

  15. Fred, I believe this goes beyond questions of mere legality to questions of morality

  16. Depends. If it doesn’t feel unpleasant to look at them, just keep them. I still have plenty of old photos and they’re nice memories.

  17. Loads of forums still around. They stay small, and that’s a good thing. Too many people is why social media sucks.

  18. Some old mf on the Volvo owners club forums explained to me where to stick a screwdriver under the water pump on a 240 while tightening the bolts to make sure the top inlet sealed properly. On r slash Volvo the good content is drowned out by yuppies with 2022 SUVs worrying about their next Android Auto update. Car forums rule.

  19. I live near a place that is a bit of a focal point for right wing cranks in this region of Japan and they are kind of fascinating. While they all agree on the idea of strong imperial Japan, they disagree fiercely on whether the USA is friend or foe. Some fantasise about a strong Japan as joint world leader with a strong right wing USA. The others are isolationist and they resent the first group for painting their slogans on a Chevy van. The two groups can however overcome their differences at any time to really really hate the Chinese.

  20. I recognise this person but why on Earth is this on redscarepod

  21. our overlap with the english teachers of japancirclejerk

  22. Shoutout to the ALTs on their 4th Strong Zero tonight, you will never get a promotion suckers

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