1. Hey, when I'm in a state like this my friend always tells me to go make a hot beverage. Tea, hot chocolate, something warm and comforting.

  2. Sausage rolls and steamed veg. I dont know. That's just what they brought home from somewhere... They recently stole a piece of my friends pizza when they weren't looking.

  3. This happened to a boy at our school. He just, didn't wake up one day. The autopsy found nothing and it was declared as adult SIDS.

  4. I litterally didn't see it until the second picture. Then I went, awh cute. Lip scars are my fave and I think they look super cool

  5. "Even if I wanted to give you my seat upgrade, that would be against AIRLINE PROTOCOL. Seats are assigned and must be adhered to in the event of a crash. You wouldn't want us both put on the no fly list would you?"

  6. We have the same one, one of our cats uses it all the time, the other prefers still water. They sell a very similar fountain that has recesses they can drink from too

  7. Oh yeah, they're here to stay, unfortunately. I've had mine nearly a decade and still get this. I imagine it's something to do with hormones and nipples that you normally don't see because there aren't extra holes there - i never made the corrolation with mentrual cycles before. As long as they aren't painful or smelly you should be good. Just give em an extra good clean.

  8. At least 3 girls from my class now have kids. One has just had her 4th. One of the other girls' baby daddies was killed in a motor accident. At least one girl is absolutely killing it in her career. The weirdos, me included, are all still insanely weird.

  9. I have so much housework to do in my small amount of free time that I currently can't go anywhere or lose time bc my adhd brain will take too long doing anything. When my house is tidy, I'll probably go out to see my friends more, but after covid, everything is way more overstimulating for me than it used to be.

  10. I’m glad its not just me! I love being at home on the weekends bc i can get all my chores done. Outside plans put time pressure on me to get everything done in time and then it takes me like 1-2 hours to get ready to go out, theres just not enough time in the day lol I’ll stay inside

  11. Never enough hours 🤣🥲 I've started a good schedule, which will allow me to go out between chores, but I need to have a good basic tidy and clean first

  12. Interesting. My mum always had hers half up so she could sit on the sofa, whilst she watched her favourite evening show at the same time. And we never ironed curtains or towels of any sort...

  13. Have you tried primer? I have found that since using primer, I can barely feel the makeup. This is because it creates a barrier between your face and the makeup. Throughout the day, the oils in your skin mix in with the makeup, causing it to get heavy and move around - with very high sensitivity, you can feel this movement.

  14. I have never heard of this before but I absolutely need to try it! I always thought primer was just to make it look better but if it helps the feeling of makeup under my eyes I'm all for it!!

  15. I have been considering making a whole post about it. I know there's probably a lot of people here who are genuinely uninterested in makeup, but I feel like there's also a lot who don't wear it bc of how it feels.

  16. Thanks for letting me know, that's really interesting. It was my regular studio (at the time) that told me that. I'd actually gotten the piercing (scaffold) at another studio out of town, and it was a decent piercing. I ended up leaving the regular bc I realised I was not happy with their standard. Every year on black Friday, they do cheap piercings all day, and they are always queuing out the door. They peirced my

  17. Just checked out the post, and I will be joining this sub. Great info, very good.

  18. IMHO uni is built for no one. The constant stress, lack of sleep, terrible food, disrupted routine, and neverending assignments with no "clock out" time is good for no one.

  19. Also, maintenance pay is so low that you have to get a job, which means you have even less time for self care and decompressing - unless you're "lucky" enough to get extra for qualifying disabilities which may still not be enough. Even with inflation going up and up and up for the past 3 years, my maintenance hasn't adjusted for that at all and I've recently had to change job to many more hours to actually, yknow, live

  20. Knowing that tradesmen are wandering from house to house all day and maybe not being able to get a drink or use the loo, I always offer. You might be there to work, but you are still akin to a guest in my eyes. This is my comfort space, not yours, and I'd like you to feel comfortable whilst you do your work. I wouldn't be upset if you said no as it might be more comfortable for you to not have a drink. Although I did once have a handyman come to fix my door and it required parts, we sent him off with a travel mug which we refilled the next time he came.

  21. There is actually a Haven site (I think they're mainly UK based, caravan site chain) with an autism friendly zone. I think 6 caravans, they are themed. It's a bit generic and more for kids but tbh I want the Nintendo caravan soooo bad.

  22. I have a fully functioning internal drive in a case that has a slot for it. Why would I do that now?

  23. Out of interest, where did you find a case that fit?

  24. On either Overclockers or Scan. It's a full ATX unit too rather than a mid-tower (needed a bigger one for cooling too).

  25. Ive found Inwin, but they're a bit pricey. Currys do have some non gaming cases with disc drives, so its good to know where to get one for when my current glass case inevitably breaks.

  26. Cause of negative comments on a post, i am just gonna leave this on all of them.

  27. My cat has problems with over grooming herself. Did you buy these onesies or make them? I think this is a great solution for a lot of people, cats can get used to fitted clothes easier than a cone

  28. A lot of pet owners do, so its possible the vet is just in this habit of calling owners mum/dad. I do see myself as a guardian/parent because I am. I feed, bathe (when needed) and cuddle my cats. I have a parent role, sure it may not be as demanding as a human child (depending on your pets needs...) but developmentally they are similar to 3-5 year old and they do rely on me to take care of them.

  29. As good as the advice is on taking over childcare I feel the need to share my insight on this. Whilst it may not be unusual for mothers to walk away from their children's life, it doesn't mean they are planning to have their own lives afterward.

  30. It’s a bar and not a pub. But there’s a bar in Preston with a 40ft medieval well just built into the floor.

  31. This reminds me of the time I, at the small age of 11, decided to go to the cinema alone. It wasn't far from my house and my mum dropped me off and picked me up. It was a movie adaptation of my favourite childhood book, and I was so excited.

  32. Thank you! I was coming to the comments to say something about this, she may generally roam less now. Thank you for taking responsibility for this baby

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