1. Thats def the best version of this team imo. The fact that I even saw some fans over the off-season being against point Zion was crazyy

  2. I think Point Zion is a misnomer; it's actually more a like Point Jokic. Zion dribbling up the court and initiating a half court offense like CP3 is not what Point Zion actually purports to be. It's manipulating collapsing defenses as he attacks the rim with a lot of ball movement. Once that becomes abundantly clear, which for me took until this season and BI/CJ to be out, the idea of Point Zion a la Jokic should be the primary offensive option.

  3. It was. No broken window. It was full of baseballs in buckets

  4. Like they threw out their Louisiana purchase card, or they took yours and felt bad so they threw it back?

  5. Took mine out of center console and then threw it out the window when they were leaving

  6. Dyson's game Wednesday really was a great all-around game. It's already hard now to construct a lineup where he wouldn't work as the 4th or 5th piece. Imagine in 2 years.

  7. It'll be an arms race. One move could push a team over the top. I cannot imagine every team in the West less the bottom feeders exploring all possibilities.

  8. Last night's game was the team sought when it traded for Lonzo. Now, this kid is able to be even a more defensive menace while distributing the ball better than Lonzo (I know; it's a one game sample).

  9. I suggest Spanish moss. Might get pulled over for a maple leaf or another non-native plant species.

  10. The title of your post seems a bit dangerous if people are just scrolling and haven’t read the actual emails.

  11. Exactly. One cannot be a shooter if they have not pulled the trigger on a firearm. Also, active shooter would imply that the person had engaged in discharging a firearm.

  12. "threat of an active shooter" seems pretty self-explanatory. I could have also said 'whack job gun nut threatens to shoot up, blow up UNO, forcing closure. Police investigate and arrest said nutjob."

  13. “Alleged gunman” would seem more befitting the accusations.

  14. The upcoming spurs games worry me the most. Those could easily be two L's if we aren't rolling.

  15. They are playing good team ball and punching way above their weight. But Los Pelicanos should be favored in each game.

  16. In 2023, Cam and MT make up nearly 25% of the salary cap. Loomis likely will restructure. Total, the team is $63M over the cap for next season. I don't know how they can massage the cap and expect to improve next season without restructuring contracts and no first round pick.

  17. Remember the rumor he wanted $10m annually?

  18. a dose of ignorance? it’s your winston statement if he sold out for winston why’d he give him a 2 year contract LOL literally dead and dumb.

  19. Go lay down you punk bitch. Sad fuck. Cry to your mother.

  20. he gave hill a phony 4/140? you mean 10 mil a year base with incentives that go to that over the life of the contract if he’s a full time pro bowl QB?!


  22. “the Saints essentially gave up five picks to select Olave: two 2022 third-rounders, a 2022 fourth-rounder, a 2023 first-rounder, and a 2024 second-rounder.”

  23. The choice player wise was excellent and brilliant move if Brees was here and still in his prime or equivalent. Team wise it remains to be seen if a QB can be acquired otherwise we’re forked. I don’t see where you’re downvoted tho.

  24. The chase for Watson didn’t begin until after the draft. So Loomis must’ve thought that either Winston or potentially Watson was going to be the answer. But that cost to have Winston now benched and Dalton as the last choice without any picks to assist with roster depth will likely come back to haunt this team.

  25. Lady Gayle ain’t paying for 2 coaches next year.

  26. Like Jim Mora taking team to playoffs and winning record for first time ever in franchise history?

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