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  1. Its because Xqc was the one who got the both of them to get in the call and Train feels awkward just talking to hasan

  2. Most definitely. Small streamers already make shit money, and I am pretty sure she got banned off nopixel, which is like a death sentence for those small rp streams.

  3. why does pissing people off make her streams pop off tho? At the end of the day people will know her as the "racist girl" and not even donate to her and sponsors for sure don't want any controversies too

  4. A white man with 500x the income and popularity shitting on a black woman to the positive affirmation of thousands. What else is new?

  5. She looks so much like mizkif that I physically can't even find her hot

  6. Just go to the hot tub section and you will see more than what is shown on the ad

  7. Lmao what are hasan and rage thinking..... if this was a thing every top streamer would be temp banned every 20 minutes.

  8. A tweet by an ex twitch staff confirming what xqc was saying :

  9. Why would Jake even entertain this conversation? He cannot even speak. Adin and train tag teaming him without allowing him more than a sentence or two to say his peace before they talk for another 5 minutes. Jake showed incredible patience, if I was in his position I would have left the call. Moderation of a debate only works if the moderator is unbiased on the topic. Feels like the only reason Train was in that call was because Adin needs a leash or he will say more dumb shit and dig the hole deeper.

  10. Jake literally get more views by doing interviews like this so the question is why not? From the interview it looks pretty obvious that Jake doesn't want to offend either of them so that he can get more interviews with them

  11. I guess I'll never get the subbing or dono thing to people who are already multi multi millionares.

  12. I can understand if people gifted subs to a streamer if its for charity like Ludwig but I honestly can't understand why people would donate to a multimillionaire like they gain something out of it

  13. Crazy how zoomers have taken over twitch, Is this is what is getting old like?

  14. First soda viewers grew up, and then juicers grew up so yea the next generation is here

  15. My second time seeing this kid ever and he went from the funny kid at the game awards to looking like a desperate loser.

  16. funny? He was just straight up weird the first time

  17. Wasnt jinny gifted a phone in Singapore like last year though?

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