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  1. Most of the predators caught by Chris Hansen have calmer reactions.

  2. Like that one dude who tried to get him to join. Simpler times.

  3. Its a completely separate setting and yes it should.

  4. Thank you. I know I can just test it out but it takes a few hours to get anywhere in the game.

  5. Maybe they should do inFamous since Sucker Punch abandoned it.

  6. Elden Ring. Every time I start it I abandon it to play Bannerlord.

  7. The long con red herring that Shawn now sees as a ghost because Shawn feels responsible for his death.

  8. So the why were you dressed like that approach.

  9. I’m with you lmfao it’s almost embarrassing to admit it but kid rock did at one point make decent music

  10. It's pretty decent, as far as Kid Rock songs go. This was during a very short period of time where he put out some shit that was worth listening to, at the time.

  11. Kid Rock had a bag of absolute bangers in his pre-country rock career.

  12. Beginning of the one lick sounds like Land of One Thousand Dances

  13. They're just a far cry and assasin's creed milking machine at this juncture. They're creatively bankrupt.

  14. Instead of expanding they need to flesh out their established franchises.

  15. And they ways sell well, so why would they change? Gotta stop buying their games if you want to see change. With that being said the games are usually worth the $20 I spend to get in a year or two after release.

  16. It's amazing but no Street Fighter 2 The Animated Movie...

  17. I think the first movie shows Bruce basically at his lowest. I think as time continues his Bruce persona will become more developed. That he can't just be Batman if he wants to Gotham to flourish.

  18. You don’t have that many ties to the Clintons and walk away clean. Or at all.

  19. If I know the NFL, they would have milked him being there dry. Close ups on his face, little message for the team, some kind of interview with him, or at least his family members. Shit I thought they'd drive him out to mid field before the game. Very strange all around. Not saying he's dead, but I don't think this is him.

  20. You say this but tell me why Buffalo showed up with Denver’s offensive line and Nee Orleans defensive Line?

  21. Isn’t he also wearing Bob Kanes terrible illustration of Batman as well?

  22. The one where he is just a dude in Robin looking tights with bat wings.

  23. That the fanbase is whiny and betrays the band over the littlest shit.

  24. Wouldn’t have his dumb ass singing in that case.

  25. That’s not exclusive to them. Many Gen Z’s are like this.

  26. It's innate to humans. It has to be purposefully overcome by each individual and each generation.

  27. It won’t. With this dumb hopeful attitude you may as well be a Christian.

  28. If that's what you consider breaking his rule, then would Jason Todd dying because Batman convinced him to be Robin also be Batman "breaking his rule"? Because it's the same principle.

  29. Did Bruce know Jason’s idiot ass would get himself captured by the joker and Joel’d to death by a crowbar?

  30. No, but he knew he was training a child to fight against violent psychopaths and mass murderers. He knew he was putting Jason's life at risk. Just like he knew Johnny creating the portal would cause him to rapidly age. You do realize the portal wasn't guaranteed to kill him, right? It all depends on how long he has to sustain it for. Hence why Bruce sounds so panicked when he tells Johnny to stop vibrating because he's made it back.

  31. There is no defending that action. Just shitty inconsistent writing to the character.

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