1. Not very recently, but it’s not even on their strain spreadsheet anymore unless they recently added it back, so you might want to see if you can call and get a harvest date on it. Might be a good price because it’s not a great seller and it might be from around the time I got mine last year. Could be completely wrong though.

  2. No worries. I’ve wasted enough money in this program over 4 years, always try and save so money for others and pass on along info/experiences.

  3. I’m going to see if I can get the terps and date hopefully that would tell me more

  4. I just picked us up from the Botanist myrcene 9.4 lLimonene 9.13,Linalool 3.54 ,caryophyllene 1.82 Smells so good haven’t got a chance to smoke it though

  5. I haven’t tried either this or the indica one you posted, but looking at the two, I’d go with this. I love me a good hybrid, I need the combination of uplifted and energized and focused, but also relaxed and not on anxiety high alert mode.

  6. Actually this is a totally different strain than their garlic cookies. This is grape kush x gsc, not gmo x gsc which is their garlic cookies. However, the garlic cookies they grow is a different pheno than riviera and it does have a predominantly grape taste to it but these are two different strains just both crossed with gsc.

  7. They changed the name because they claim it tastes like grape and not garlic. Tasted like wet hay to me

  8. I got in during one of the sales and loved it! But I couldn’t find any info about it when I googled it

  9. See I told ya it was worth it. Was it real dry?? My hypothesis on there stuff being "dry" as others claim I've had couple 10ths that the buds weren't the usual moist stickiness it had a little crunch to it but nothing like firelands dry or Riviera Creek that shit is always like powder. But anyways back to what I was saying I feel like if it's as dry as ppl claim I'd like to see the dates on the label I'd also like to know how long it sat at the dispo before ppl bought it. Really I feel like if your not familiar with meigs homegrown and it's folklore or simply not form southeastern Ohio then meigs isn't really all that appealing to your average mmj patient there isn't much talk on here of them once and a while but as of now they simply produce flower no extracts or carts pods etc edibles nothing they simply grow good bud I'm not sure of the exact hydro system they have but it's a nice set up I always get nice fat sticky buds for most that isn't enough they don't have off the charts THC numbers the terps numbers on most of there stuff is fairly impressive its not Josh D OG type shit but they ain't been growing and crafting and perfecting a strain of many strains. But give them time and I think they could be top 5 vendor just not sure how to ppl to try them.

  10. No it’s was moist I bought a half o I’ll post it in a min

  11. Try it bro I learned one thing is to not listen to the haters on here they shot on some decent bud and they also give good reviews to shitty bud as well or maybe what I feel is a bias review so should say. Learn what to look out for in what you like and to decipher that from the reviews on if it's worth a shot. That's what I did for em and it's worked alot this sub has helped me discover shit I wouldn't have normally tried. Trust me bro that is one of there best strains it's been a few months since I've had it last but for me most of there stuff was on point.

  12. Yeah I end up getting it and I’m happy thanks

  13. My favorites is salty watermelon, sour blue diesel,

  14. I have noticed that I prefer terpene myrcene to be the secondary regardless of primary . I found that when it's the primary and high levels it can cause anxiety , sometimes exacerbating my condition ( ptsd) and my trigger event won't get out of my head.

  15. Never seen that terp anywhere what strains that’s in?

  16. No they will stay cheap. I can confirm that by getting a half of Dosi's at 24% for $88 out the door Monday. They have more room to cultivate is what she told me. When I mentioned that they will have the new location, it cuts them out of loop for a cheaper price. More room, more medicine, cheaper prices and QUALITY.

  17. can be same harvest day but different package day. would still make it old product.

  18. My package I posted harvest was 12/14/21 that not bad

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