1. That massive HMV logo on obi is laughable. It use to be just written in text in the back only.

  2. It went down to 90K last few months. You just gotta avoid retail stores to buy this box set of you really wanted it. Which is still crazy price. Not sure if it’s worth it since reissues are coming out. The albums in the box set so not come with the obi and looks weird to me on some cover designs. Plus half the albums are much cheaper than Spacy or For You etc. I am not a completist and only buy what I like plus I hate box sets

  3. So how much are those prices? I cant see it properly

  4. Same prices as YJA for the cheaper auctions

  5. I did that but the file isn’t stored there any more like iTunes use to do

  6. I mentioned I am on Ventura. Maybe it’s changed now

  7. been trying to find this for so long. if anyone have this please sell to me :)

  8. I love DMZ. Had an epic one last night where 10 people were running away from the radiation to the last helicopter. Killed two real players and then last ten seconds before heli left our squad jumped in and killed off the squad inside. This was after my whole squad of 5, 4 were gunned down by other squads and I miraculously killed them. Then had to decide to stay to revive them and cop the radiation or leave. I ended reviving one then we both revived the others. We all ran together to the nearest car and sped through just enough time to be faster than the radiation, and drive a good 3 minutes on the map to the other side to get to the last heli. I never felt so fricken satisfied to help my squad and also the lucky situations we had.

  9. i wish he would re-press some of his records again… paying $100 for a possibly scratched record on ebay isn’t super appealing

  10. Just announced all his early records will be reissued

  11. Hey if you wouldn’t mind could you send me the info on this too!

  12. Go to hmv website from Japan and you can order directly from there

  13. Yeah bots in DMZ have nasty elbow action

  14. if you actually know Gantz manga and anime, even live action, you wouldnt even bother with Alice in Borderland that ripped Gantz. Whats great about Gantz it was mysterious, horrific, surreal, and survival. The manga even went further and it was super cool.

  15. Right click on the icon in the Dock and select Options → All Desktops

  16. We're punching a supposed 14 year old here folks. Lets be the right kind of jerks and not punch down -- its barely christmas day, we'll have plenty more deserving posts.

  17. Could do away with the edit…3 2 1. Doesn’t need the MC or hip hop link.

  18. I would just like the Music app to stop forgetting that my music is on an external hard drive.

  19. How does it forget? I sometimes forget to plug mine in when I start up my Music app lol

  20. Not being condescending. Do you mean it forgets to load when you open the app? Mine does sometimes until I have to click on recently added to get it to connect.

  21. Guys LP means long player which is an album. This is a single, or 7” or 45.

  22. Thanks for this. Found it on soulseek and I’m listening to it right now. It sounds great, I especially love the nocturnal jazzy vibe of some tracks. I’m loving it. Akira Inoue composed some of the tracks and arranged most of the album.

  23. another reason why we created a youtube channel to share music we love. we drop a lot of rare City Pop records as well as rare jazz funk latin and soul music. here is the latest episode where I dropped Hatsue Katoh, and other similar vibe city pop tracks. enjoy

  24. I prefer afternoon City Pop when I need to Shitty Poop.

  25. I read it as good to you, but it’s pretty sweet either way

  26. Tats says to you “Good on you!”

  27. My music collection is on my phone. From my CDs and band camp.

  28. A lot of the 80s onwards stuff was recorded digitally. You’re better off with the cd for ripping.

  29. Yeah I got my juice with US without the fancy art on the cover but is very cheap.

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