1. These have never worked out well when I've seen people do them over the last 20 years. ;)

  2. Oh I don’t doubt it one bit! Was just a fun little project that I thought might spark some discussion about those on their way up/down.

  3. I’m a big fan of kawazoe, he’s clearly very very talented. Im just a bit scared that he’s quite similar to enho and the rest of juryo will deal with him quite well. I’ve said it before, Kawazoe is the antitheses of Hokuseiho.

  4. Everyone is looking at the ozeki making a push to Yokozuna.

  5. Purely a comparison against who he could be fighting had he beaten Onosho.

  6. Ochiai has won his 4th match already I don’t think he’ll be in makushita much longer. And Kawazoe with a beautiful Utchari. Miyagino stable has a very bright future.

  7. Ochiai looks very very good… reminiscent of Asanoyama almost

  8. Tobi opting to not evolve his sumo, but remind everyone that he might henka them if they don't respect his magical patty cakes wall.

  9. You got to throw the lateral tachiai in on occasion if your reserved tachiai is what leads to your greatest weapons.

  10. Its hard to pick any of them to drop down from there, but in my heart Tamawashi should be in a top5 like these. He has show very good sumo these basho, and he without a doubt has the ability to win another yusho

  11. I'm maybe being a bit harsh in my Tamawashi analysis, he hasn't looked as dominant as he did when he Yusho'd previously. In september he was all go forward and controlled the bouts fully - hasn't quite looked that way this time.

  12. Hatsu 2023 Yusho Contenders - Day 1 1. Takakeisho - He's been in this position before, and this time with no ichinojo in the game to injure him again, so hopefully he can start 2023 off strongly. His sumo was strong today, dare i say he wasn't even out of breath?

  13. Poor Myogiryu. He was in that crappy sumo documentary and he seemed like a good dude. If I were voting for my top 30 I'd surely find a place to squeeze him in somewhere.

  14. He was good fun in the “sumo wrestlers v strength entertainers” show.

  15. Just watching this bout again, we see the henka from WTK which i don't really remember anyone talking about.

  16. Is this only for Discord members? The nickname section is required.

  17. It’s not, although it will be much easier to keep up with the full “tournament” through discord - saying that if there’s a demand on Reddit I can post everything here too.

  18. We are running a Rikishi Romance 2022 over at the Fantasy League Sumo discord

  19. Takakeisho won his second yusho in a playoff against Terunofuji

  20. This playoff will have 3 people though, totally different ball game. If the straws are drawn such that takakeisho fights yasu first and then Abi, I think that’s his best hope.

  21. Please excuse my attempts at humour - I shall endeavour to be more serious from now on

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