How would you get a small cylinder (5.1in length, ~4.5in girth) unstuck from a mini M&Ms tube filled with butter and microwaved mashed banana?

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  1. One of my best mamas has double teets. Just watch to make sure the kid doesn’t have any trouble. And don’t breed her for show

  2. I do also think it’s a fashion watch however in my country money is super tight and watches like this are all I can afford I do have 2 swatches that took me years to save up for but I just wanted to post in a community which I wanted to be involved with for a while

  3. My first watch about twenty years ago was very similar to this one. It sparked the love of watching collecting that I now have.

  4. ETA is a movement manufacturer. My Omega Speedmaster has an ETA movement.

  5. Def the cpu. I bet it is bottlenecking the 3080

  6. Is there any driver issues & other stability issues as these people say?

  7. I had problems with the 5700xt but I have had no issues what so ever with my 6700xt or 6800

  8. Looks like it has been plated and polished. Grade 0

  9. It's a deduction but look at starting a 529 fund in the next 10 days.

  10. I thought the 529 plans only tax free for the child, I look into it again. Thanks

  11. Think you’re in the wrong sub. We’re here for small business advice, not personal income tax.

  12. My small business income passed through to my personal income. I purchased some equipment and material to prep for next year but it wasn’t enough. Thought I would ask other business owners.

  13. Limit current with a resistor for 10W LED? That's a little bit extreme. I'd beter use some LED driver/current source.

  14. Looked up the part number on the drawing. It’s a standard red through hole led from lite on. 2v 30ma

  15. Look at the caption. OP directly specified they need to drive 10W LED.

  16. They listed their own part number and got a lot of other things wrong

  17. Nah, Americans won’t apply for a seasonal outdoor job even for $25/hr with no experience. A Mexican will and he’ll have a nice winter back home with his family.

  18. So what's the problem?! The job will be done and everyone is happy!

  19. The spot is also non compliant so maybe have the complex fix that

  20. I suggest being honest if a test/physical is required. I was totally qualified, had a great interview…then they asked me to take a physical and drug screen. I thought about it, apologized for taking up their time and was truthful. I would not pass the drug screen- I use mariajuana - I can’t spell- recreationally. They appreciated my honesty, showed my character, called a couple hours later to offer the position. Integrity and candor- good core values.

  21. Keep in mind that in a lot of situations it is not the employers choice. In many cases it is an insurance or DOT requirement that we drug screen.

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