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  1. Because they keep warning about the fascist regime the GQP wants to create?

  2. No matter what the feds do, GA will probably keep it illegal for as long as I live :(

  3. When are they going to search Bedminster?

  4. It may not be possible for me to delete the image I got in my head from your comment but it is still possible for you to delete said comment to keep others from seeing it.

  5. Gasping for breath while laughing. You almost killed me.

  6. The man was collecting national security documents to sell

  7. Or, he just wanted them nearby to make himself feel important:

  8. Well, I am sure we can count on Clarence to do the right thing here.

  9. He sleeps with Ginni every night, and she has access to knives.


  11. Seems that this would best be done on a porous surface so the water and dirt would flow through the rug.

  12. His chopper looks like it was made from a Honda 125, complete with original engine.

  13. The judges probably develop a feel for fish weight vs size and would easily notice heavier than normal fish.

  14. I’ve bought clear contact paper from Dollar Tree and laid it on the countertop with the sticky side up. I get the biggest “f*ck you” glares when I get home after leaving it.

  15. I did the same with 4 foot lengths of gaffer tape along the counter edges, sticky side up. Empty cans stuck to it also made scary noises when it all fell to the floor. Cured both my cats of counter jumping while I was at work.

  16. Every other time I usually see him walking across inverted stairs.

  17. My solution is not to live within 500 feet from anyone else.

  18. I want a system that detects a person under the vehicle and any contact with the pipe before filling the area with propane flame just long enough to make the thief disappear, but not ignite the vehicle.

  19. I wonder if there's a better, politically neutral way to appoint judges? Politicians are the last ones who should be doing it

  20. Abortion should be mandatory for any unlicenced pregnancy.

  21. Gonna be hard to get them back from the Kremlin

  22. No need to send paper to Putin. His personal phone has probably been bugged for a long time, so anything he photograph or records gets encrypted and sent automatically.

  23. How do the scammers even find out that their targets are Zelle users, or do they just assume everyone uses it? (I don't).

  24. Looking to move there, finding it hard to find a decent house with land, trees, big garage, and no HOA. for under 700k.

  25. Ok, I hear what you're saying. Can you give me an example of what he's doing wrong currently, as far as I knew he wasn't and hasn't in a longtime or...

  26. Things he's doing wrong now:. Spreading distrust in our elections. Still hiding classified documents he stole (probably in Bedminster). Pushing his cultists toward violence against the USA, etc.

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