1. It means it’s got 150k spent on it, not sold or purchased for that amount.

  2. Most will be better on fuel economy as they’re turboed for economic/efficiency reason, not performance.

  3. Have an auto electric setup a start sequence or a kill switch at the very least.

  4. But with reliability, it’s Mercedes > BMW.

  5. Tell the seller you’re no longer interested

  6. I really appreciate you guys and all the kind words. This album really means a lot to me for a lot of reasons. Each of these songs have effected my life and career in crazy ways so to see you guys say I did them some justice really makes all the work worthwhile. Thank y’all.

  7. Dude this is some quality shit. I love it.

  8. I have a g30-900 and it's a 750whp turbo. That turbo pictured looks smaller.

  9. I don’t think that’s smaller than a g30. It appears to be a 35 frame. Looks to be very close in size to my 3582

  10. Not bad at all. I’d say negotiate it down a bit depending on the conditions of the car but don’t lowball too much. I’d say $9,500-9,800 is reasonable asking.

  11. M11, and M14 anyways is the thread diameter right? Which is the thread pitch right? So why would that change the diameter of the bolt wtf! (I was wrong on this btw). Anyways m12 is stock on all rbs from what I have gathered and m14 is an aftermarket upgrade commonly done on the engines (could be wrong on this too, but I don’t think so from the few threads I have read; but not sure). Could I get a confirmation?

  12. Those number refer to the diameter of the stud..

  13. Then how tf is the diameter exactly the same on my rb25de neo block. Look at my previous post too for reference

  14. I don’t know, or care, those numbers refer to the diameter

  15. KR4 sedan gang! Always wondered what mine would look like with R32 GTR wheels.

  16. Yes and no. That looks like a damn big turbo, so you could increase supporting mods and either keep the power with less lag or increase the power and keep the lag.

  17. It’s a 3071 according to OPs comment below. That’s a tiny turbo by todays standard. But it is super laggy for that size turbo. I see full boost with a 3582 at 4300rpm

  18. 3071 really shouldn't have that much lag. Not sure if fuel system not up to it or tuner not great.

  19. Yeah should seeing full boost no later than 3500. Unless OP is running a 1.06 rear housing. At this power and boost, you need good boost control

  20. Is this Kevin Magnussen dressed as a Lad?

  21. I would rather this than two inches from my rear bumper burning my retinas with their aftermarket lamps

  22. 10-12k. I’ve been looking at them myself recently. They might be advertised higher, but that’s not what you’ll be if you bring cash and can negotiate.

  23. Both images are the outside pad. There is no image of the inside pad at all

  24. Oh damn....I realised my lack of car knowledge because it turns out we actually had a 1600 model.....

  25. The Datsun 1600 is me and the wife’s long term goal.

  26. You have been so helpful. Thank you

  27. Finished my training 5 weeks ago. There is a lot to learn but training is comprehensive and there is heaps of support. They expect you to make mistakes so the only stress you get is the stuff you put on yourself. In the 5 weeks I've been alone I feel I've got a good grasp on things now. The more you put in studying routes and taking notes the easier you'll pick it up. The monies not bad and the work is easy once you've sussed a route. The customers are good, haven't had one abuse me yet, it was daily in my last job. I'm at Virginia, it's a pretty dodgy looking depot but I know the northside so learning routes over here is heaps easier for me. If I had the choice I'd choose eagle farm, nicer, newer depot with a good variety of buses. If you take the traineeship they own you and dictate when you work so if you want flexibility go casual.

  28. More than enough. I’ve seen them at 12k

  29. Replace the radiator for now. Look for a scent factory on or have yours refurbished later

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