1. Do you think lying billionaire union busters like Howie belong in prison?

  2. I've done Hidden Lake to Juniper portion and its gorgeous. Definitely bring a lot of water.

  3. Disney's the largest taxpayer in Central Florida. Just saying. And their existence largely boosts Florida tourism, which supports the entire state. It's a symbiotic relationship, and frankly, Disney maintained areas are done right.

  4. Florida doesn't need Disney to draw tourism. It's Florida!

  5. Florida was a tourist hotspot before Disney laid a single brick or bought their first Florida politician. Disney did not pick Florida out of a random hat.

  6. It’s sad bc Starbucks is the best drive-thru coffee option I have, but I must kick the habit!

  7. Would recommend brewing your own and carrying it in a nice thermos!

  8. Yes see that’s the logical choice. But I have ADHD and the time blindness is real, I can’t operate with that much efficiency in the morning.

  9. 😃Mornings are hard. I usually try to set it up the night before so im just clicking a button and pouring.

  10. Scabby's gotta lotta free real estate over at the Heritage Foundation.

  11. Have you tried the new Hard Mountain Dew?

  12. Is there any brand that has good privacy rights or what's the deal?

  13. No. Maybe if you wire it up yourself, but all of those managed cameras are sending all their video to the cops and feds.

  14. My retirement plan is find cheap land and start a farm

  15. NPR has always been like this, unfortunately.

  16. Schiff is the most soulless hack of the three.

  17. Hell yeah, we were admiring our lizard collection today, too.

  18. You can post about this, but the angle of your post and analysis must be more extensive & more closely tied to work reform. Please check out the sidebar where our goals are described. 😊

  19. Not until IKEA is pushing for higher profit margins. Then they will go everywhere and expand into everything like WalMart.

  20. Add more details. What industry are you in? How many total employees does your employer employ? How many business locations are there?

  21. Manhattan is where half these rent payments ultimately wind up though!

  22. Homie that is all of Florida. Look at St. Augustine, place is a prefab shithole now.

  23. Yea, we have a housing crisis. Our government has been entirely captured by the wealthy, and they are systematically trying to financialize every aspect of our lives, in part by making sure we own nothing.

  24. The website listed is email farming for David Sirota's website. Sorry, but we are removing this.

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