1. I let mine expire for almost a year and just got a new recommendation and they charged me $100 for the renewal and not like a new patient.

  2. Buying edibles will literally eat up all your days! Get RSO its classified as extract so only 1 day supply for 500-600mg!

  3. Who makes the rso? Do you make your own edibles? Does it get you really high?


  5. Lady Gaga...Russian Roulette isn't the same without a gun. Well, no shit there. A gun is a prerequisite to the game.

  6. Isn’t the point of that lyric that playing the game without consequences means you aren’t playing the game at all?

  7. That's accurate I guess but it's just kind of silly. Would you ever say "a grilled cheese sandwich is not the same without bread"? It's just a very obvious statement.

  8. They really are. I kind of buy them in bulk and then chop up the gummies myself into 10 mg pieces and that makes it a little more affordable

  9. Anywhere I can listen to this??? I am all about this. I almost asked what song this was before I saw the sub lol. Amazing work!

  10. I'm shockingly good for someone who gets no attention whatsoever. I have a ton of songs up on my youtube and spotify. A lot of my spotify stuff is with my old voice, before a cancer surgery paralyzed my vocal cord, so it sounds a little different. Thanks so much for listening!

  11. Damn right! Unfortunately there seems to also be a low taste in good music recently in my greater circle, so when I hear this, it’s super refreshing. Music like this is why I joined the sub actually!

  12. Just type Kevin Milner in the search option there and it should all come up. Feel free to add me on Facebook too. I put a lot of my music on there. Thanks so much for your nice words!

  13. Thank you for listening! I have a million songs up on YouTube and spotify too

  14. This gives such "validity" to Q people. He posted recently that the storm was coming soon too. He knows he makes a good profit from these cultists so he's feeding into it to make more money. He doesn't care who he hurts.

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