1. I had the first batch and that's why I like it so much. I'd say chocolate and berries with a little gas is the flavor the Gelato is why it's so dark.

  2. Klitch was 30% off at Columbia care in Dayton this week so I got a half O for 140. I'm way happy with it

  3. I’ve had this strain from Klutch and ancient roots a couple months back. I wasn’t impressed either time. Both very dry and no smell. Some of the pictures going around now look different. It’s tempting me again

  4. It was literally three days ago I discarded this. We're truly the greatest comedic writers of our generation

  5. I swear to God, I almost posted a joke with this same punchline and I even had Lassie in the setup. I decided it was too ridiculous though and didn't post it. My setup was "why does Lassie feel sad when she eats cantaloupe?" ...because she becomes a little melon collie."

  6. They sold garbage flower then released a new batch and it’s priced at the top. It is not top shelf flower. They will not get another dollar from me

  7. Marijuana. My doctors are always amazed at how low my cholesterol amd BP are considering my lifestyle. Studies show it reduces cholesterol levels too plus its fun.

  8. No, it was in Ohio for five years. I became a manager which wasn't so bad but before that on the phones, it sucked. It's not a company that cares about people at all.

  9. Working for tp was the second worst job I ever had. if you can find anything else, do it.

  10. Yes, through June anyway. The daily sale calendar is

  11. The reason o don't get butterfly effect is their stupid containers where you have to line up the arrows. Those suck

  12. I gotta give Klutch another try. I bought 2 strains of flower from them when I first got my MMJ card and wasn’t impressed at all. Anything specific I should keep an eye out for?

  13. Oh yeah, that's some shit. Certified always kills it. It's euphoric but still calm. I like it a lot.

  14. You sold me. I'm picking it up tomorrow. Certified makes some great stuff. I had their cherry mintz last time and was just blown away. I'm excited to try this stuff.

  15. Do you not know how the internet works? If you want to respond to someone else's post, you hit reply on it. If you want to respond to the original post, you just hit comment. I'm glad I could help you to not look so stupid in the future.

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