1. The embassy of Japan in Germany has issued a notice to Japanese residents not to go out after the game.

  2. Actually Germany is sincerely take what they did during the Nazi era unlike Japan.

  3. 安倍晋三「チョーゼバ、イターキマス」

  4. Dokdo island has been Korean territory over 50 years. Japanese cannot enter the area but Korean can. You can see there are many travelors on Dokdo island from Korea. Japanese are just crazy lIke Russia that says Ukraine is Russian territory.

  5. An arson case occurred in August 2021 in the Utoro district of Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, where Korean residents in Japan congregate. Shogo Arimoto, 22, an unemployed defendant from Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture, who was indicted on charges including arson of a building not currently inhabited, stated that he had also caused suspicious fires at facilities of the Korean National People's Organization in Japan (KCNA) in Aichi and Nara. BuzzFeed News met with the defendant at a detention facility in March. BuzzFeed News met with the defendant at the detention facility in March and continued to interview him by letter. BuzzFeed Japan / Kota Hachi

  6. He then researched the history of the district through YouTube videos and other media, and further confirmed in advance that the historical documents scheduled to be displayed at the prayer hall were in storage and other locations, and clearly stated that he "targeted the merchandise that was about to be displayed.

  7. Politicians of LDP on twitter say Japanese government protested against Ukraine government and had them delete the tweet that mentioned Emperor Hirohito.

  8. I didn't know killing hundreds of tousands counted towards trying to free those same people.

  9. Japan killed Europe people to free Asian countries. Gandhi appreciated Japan because India could be dependent from UK thanks to Japan.

  10. Comfort woman is just a fantasy made up by Koreans and Asahi shimbun. In fact, they were just whores that willing to sell their bodies to Japanese soldiers.

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