1. This is considered to be one of the very first comic books to be published without the Comics code of authority. It was basically a code that limited drug sex alcohol violence, and murder in comic books starting in the 1950s. In the 70s The US government came to marvel, asking them to make a story about the dangers of drugs, but they were still under the code of authority, so Stan Lee decided to make a story that talked about drugs and go against the code. I might be missing a few details, but that’s basically the synopsis of why this book is a big deal.


  3. When I was 17 I was experiencing super sharp chest pains they would literally leave my body sore for several hours. That was the moment I decided to workout more and started to do CrossFit

  4. I think it’s also the conversation around miles and the little mermaid and the trolls surrounding them

  5. It warms my soul that people still play gears 3

  6. Verify you don't have an app like zoom or Skype with mic controls that don't have it at max gain.

  7. This was recorded with a lavalier mic pack that went into a camera the audio levels on the camera were accidentally too high

  8. Read “Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man” by Chip. You will thank me. Best Modern Spider-Man run since JMS.

  9. Oh I have and that is also a great run as well

  10. You expect people to take it lightly that they‘re fridging Kamala?

  11. No, I’m pissed a Fridged her and I’m a little mad how they did it

  12. The random Ms. Marvel death does not make any sense to me, why is it during a Spider-Man run? Why are no champions there to see her dead? I don’t understand where this came from. Also is the death permanent?

  13. That’s the thing that gets me. That’s not saying that Kamala and Peter haven’t had that much interactions they’ve hung out and switch bodies in Marvel team up. It would’ve made more sense if it happened in a Miles Morales book or the obvious choice Captain Marvel or have it happen in front of Sam Alexander. You could’ve even have it happened in an Avengers book, a black widow story since she kind of trained her during secret empire or the biggest stretch have it happen in a X-Men book because Scott Summers was literally her teammate for a whole series and how she first teamed up with Logan when he was slowly dying when his healing factor was taken away. But the only connection that she has the Peter currently is that she works for Oscorp doing her internship. I highly doubt this death will be permanent because I feel the reason why the death is happening is because they want to make her be a mutant and have her be resurrected on Krakoa since the mcu has decided to make her a mutant.

  14. It was really cool I’m surprised that Tony or Reed haven’t tried to incorporate Doc Ock’s tech and end climate change completely in the Marvel universe

  15. 2012 I’m a unapologetic Dan Slott Stan!

  16. It’s a bad twist to ultimately (likely) resurrect her as a mutant for MCU synergy.

  17. I hate how much of a likely possibility this is going to be

  18. I'm guessing it's a metro boomin OC since he is doing the music for it

  19. Correct it’s Metro he’s confirmed he has spider character in the film

  20. I think after reading this run all negativity towards the Slott run null and void. This issue felt like a big nothing burger and with the only sigh of relief that the kids aren’t biologically MJ and Paul. Which in that circumstances I get MJ wanting to take on the mothering role. I just find it so weird that Peter didn’t take anytime to talk to fantastic or any of his mystic friends. Hell Doctor Strange and Clea would’ve got him back there the minute he stepped in Manhattan. Im not angry this I’m just kind of over it. Plus with issue 26 coming out and also the reveal that certain character has a Hell Fire Gala cover the stakes are kind of low for me honestly and I’m just reading casually at this point. Spider-Man is the equivalent of major league sports teams in Michigan. You get small glimmers of greatness but never fully shines due to complacency by higher ups.

  21. Well doctor strange was kinda dead at the time and Peter doesn't really have many other magic people on speed dial as far as I know.

  22. I see you’re coming from, but I also feel like he has enough rapport with Clea to make something happen

  23. I think the book is basically a time capsule of what culture was like during the early 2000s so a lot of it really comes off as being dated

  24. I still believe that the mist from 2007 has the bleakest ending of all time

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