Twitter closes offices as employees quit in droves

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  1. My 2c is that sometimes we need to suck it up and just pander to them.

  2. As part of getting my license (in Norway), we had to watch a compilation of fatal pedestrian crashes. Coincidentally, they were from Australia (used with permission from the next of kin for this purpose).

  3. I looked at these stats a lot in the 90s. What you see, if you go over decades of the data, is that the rate of dog attacks is roughly constant, however, the specific dog breeds changes significantly over time. Like, in the '60s and '70s, it was a lot of Dobermans. In the '80s, less Dobes and more Rotties. We're now seeing Pits. So there's a lot of evidence that it really is that some dogs become fashionable for (typically) young, dumb, aggressive male owners who want a "tough dog" and don't want to take them time with them or even make appropriate cautionary precautions.

  4. Nope, this just spawns a thread to do all of the game logic, then spins indefinitely and with no delay. But like I said in other comments, this is basically in an if (false) {} block, so I'm pretty sure this is unfinished code

  5. I’ve always said dead as a doorknob …

  6. This is why Oslo was on our short list of where to live. I wonder what the channel would have been like, or what it would have been called, if we had moved to Oslo, instead of Amsterdam? 🤔

  7. As a Norwegian not from Oslo, this graph finally provides acceptable justification for how smug people from Oslo are about being from Oslo 😃

  8. 12 months is a long time. I was required to be unemployed for 10 months as part of immigrating to the US.

  9. In Japan, kids, walk to school by themselves starting from their very first day of school.

  10. Same in Norway. We didn't start until 6 years old, though.

  11. Anything that relies heavily on cross-org integration points and away team work.

  12. Most coding loops will allow you to Google things. Didn’t used to be that way, but’s it’s pretty acceptable now.

  13. IMO needing to look up stuff in an interview is indicative of either a bad candidate or a bad interview.

  14. Yup, is expect they are interviewing ASAP as Twitter sponsored their visas and many countries don't have too long of a grace period, especially US

  15. BS article. From AP news covering the same exact conversation with Reporters we hear:

  16. Thank you for sharing this. I hope it stays the top comment.

  17. Sadly L5s & L6s don’t get holiday bonuses either just sign ons

  18. You can get annual cash bonus too. It's org / manager dependent.

  19. I’d wager the larger share will be recruiters.

  20. It gets easier to get interviews. It's still up to you to pass them.

  21. There aren't many people who are willing to commit to being an outsider for the rest of their life, and then stick to that for the next 40 years.

  22. Why should someone in Glasgow or Leeds pay more taxes so my neighbour's kids can go to school? Or get driven around on roads?

  23. Bike infra is pretty bad there. And not enough renewables. It kinda surprised me when I was there back in 2016. I never thought that Ōkunoshima is powered through gigantic overhead lines instead of setting up a solar plant for the one hotel plus tourism stuff.

  24. Idiocy of this driver aside, left lane exits/entrances are incredibly stupid also.

  25. I mean, I hate to belabor this, but your comments just keep showing that you don’t understand how roads work, or why things are the way they are.

  26. Not op, but I agree with your sentiment: tactical urbanism is an avenue for proving a point or running short lived events.

  27. My 2c as a former resident who biked everywhere (cause the bus is shite and owning a car in Bristol seemed insane):

  28. This don’t happen in Florida. Straight assholes here that think they own the road. No fucks given.

  29. Strange that they don't realize that it is in fact *you* who owns the road, and that they should be more respectful of your authority!

  30. Americans would give you the finger and take their sweet ass time like the cars can’t end their lives. 😂. Gotta admire y’all for this.

  31. You delay me by 5 seconds? I threaten to fucking kill you.

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